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surfaceType grassCover for Malden, Altis
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In Altis and Malden the grass is thicker than in Stratis, but the configurations are the same. This creates a problem that AIs see through the thick grass of players. Configs should be equated closer to Livonia.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Spotting / Detection
Steps To Reproduce

Put the AI in the grass and move towards it, he will see you for 240 meters.

Additional Information

The value of the area was checked by this:

	while {true} do 
		sleep 0.1;
		_surface = [surfaceType getPos player, 1] call BIS_fnc_trimString;
		systemChat str
			getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSurfaces" >> _surface >> "AIAvoidStance"),
			getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSurfaces" >> _surface >> "grassCover")

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reyhard claimed this task.Nov 12 2021, 12:29 PM
Tenshi set Ref Ticket to Internal Ref.: AIII-54829.Dec 7 2021, 5:46 PM

Yes, it is quite hard since both Tanoa, Livonia & rest of islands are using different systems for deciding what value should be used for grassCover. Livonia is using some completely out of the space values and this should be adjusted in first place yet this has to be properly tested and analyzed in first place, which takes time - especially since all islands would have to be changed to use some sensible common system (Livonia is very bad example).

@reyhard can you share some specifics how grassCover should be configured? we have used BI definitions as reference.. :D

The grass on the Stratis is very low so it doesn't obstruct the view, but the Altis uses grass configurations from the Stratis, although the grass on the Altis is very thick and obstructs the view. We need to revise the value of grass in Altis, because thick grass in Livonia has a value of 0.3 and 0.55, and in Altis, thick grass has a value of 0.05 and 0.1, how is that? And this happened because when they changed the grass in Altis, they probably did not change the value of the configurations. And bots can see through the grass.

Now compare grass configuration on tanoa to stratis instead of livonia.
@kju-PvPscene - Read my previous message again. I'm wondering which values you have used as reference since vanilla Island doesn't seem to follow any solid pattern

@reyhard basically the ones from Stratis an Altis:

0	Default
0	GdtAsphalt
0	GdtBeach
0	GdtCliff
0	GdtConcrete
0	GdtDead
0	GdtDesert
0	GdtKLCobblestone
0	GdtKLDirt
0	GdtKlSoil
0	GdtKlTarmac
0	GdtKlWeatheredTarmac
0	GdtMarsh
0	GdtRock
0	GdtRubble
0	GdtSeabed
0	GdtSeabedExp
0	GdtSoil
0	GdtStony
0	GdtStratisBeach
0	GdtStratisConcrete
0	GdtStratisSeabed
0	GdtStratisThistles
0	GdtVolcanoBeach
0	GdtVRsurface01
0	Water

0.02	GdtStratisRocky
0.03	GdtDirt
0.03	GdtStonyThistle
0.03	GdtStratisDirt

0.04	GdtForestMalden
0.04	GdtForestPine
0.04	GdtMud
0.04	GdtStratisForestPine

0.05	GdtField
0.05	GdtGrassGreen
0.05	GdtGrassWild
0.05	GdtRedDirt
0.05	GdtStratisSeabedCluttered
0.05	GdtVolcano
0.05	GdtWeed

0.1	GdtForest
0.1	GdtGrassDry
0.1	GdtWildField

0.15	GdtGrassShort
0.15	GdtThorn

0.35	GdtGrassLong
0.35	GdtGrassTall

//Probably bad values - to be ignored!
0.4	GdtKLGrass1
0.5	GdtKLForestCon
0.5	GdtKLForestDec
0.6	GdtKlField
0.6	GdtKlStubble
//0.95	GdtKLGrass2


You can fix this problem in a day, sit down and play with numerical values. But it has existed for several years. My community and I are playing in first person mode and the bots shooting through the grass is a bit maddening. Several Arma patches have already been released, and the problem still exists and on dev branches I see no fixes yet.

DARK_LORD_SHADE added a comment.EditedFri, Sep 23, 9:53 AM

My suggestions:

0.25 GdtDirt
0.25 GdtGrassDry
0.15 GdtGrassGreen
0.15 GdtWildField

0.05 GdtStony
0.05 GdtMarsh
0.15 GdtThorn