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1.15 Uncon timer too quick
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I make mistakes in this clip, and I appreciate I led to my own demise in some ways but
@Dayz @Sumrak uncon timers are not long enough even on experimental. This is 1.15 and very painful....

Yes I know his legs implied he was uncon.

Yes I know if I go to his body the UI give me the option to resuscitate him.

But!!! He was uncon, I shot him in the face on the ground, and then I got abt 5 secs to close the gap, drop my guns, get his guns and control the situation.

I need longer than that, its the middle of Berezino, there are zeds, there were other players, there was a lot going on and whilst I did wanna kill him and I fooked up, what if I wanted to let him wake up and I wanted to talk to him and have an old school hold up/interrogation?

The dude is uncon for 5 secs, how long does it take to tie someone up, to kill a few zeds? What is the point of the uncon mechanic in a scenario like this? I have to kill the other guy because he will always wake up before I can take control of the situation.

There is no point.


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Pseudo Gherkin:

AS A player
GIVEN I just knocked a player unconscious
I'd like unconscious timers to be longer
SO THAT I have more time to interact with a player that's unconscious

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i agree. uncon times, specially when received by bullets, should be waaay longer.
could decrease the blood loss to compensate.

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Thank you for the feedback Spaggie.
We are currently looking into this and possibly re-balance it for the future versions.

Wasn't 1.15 already supposed to rebalance this? It was in the initial changelog:

"Unconsciousness caused by firearms lasts longer"

Option added a subscriber: Option.Nov 11 2021, 4:47 PM

I completely agree that the unconscious timers feel incredibly unsatisfying in the vast majority of situations. Previously, before the addition of Unconrefillmodifier, you were able to at least have better control of a situation if you happened to get the upper hand and score a knock out. Currently, that upper hand lasts only a few seconds in most cases. You no longer have time to tie up an individual after a knock-out, resulting in the immediate need to kill the player you knock out. Before the extreme shortening of the uncon timers, you were able to control the situation by tying up the player that was knocked out which could lead to kills, robberies, or even teamups in some situations. The short KO timers make all of those encounters completely obsolete and your only option is to go for the kill.

Right now, these short uncon timers make being solo especially difficult, because when you are against 2+ players, if you are lucky to get a knockout, you simply don't have time to finish them off or control them in any way. Your upper hand only lasts seconds, thus making playing in a team even easier.

Additionally the patchnotes for 1.15 indicated that the KO timers were adjusted but I'm not sure how that may have been achieved, if at all. Looking at the files, both the ammo shock damage and the Unconrefilmodifier are the same as 1.14. I would love to know what was adjusted to increase KO timers with experimental 1.15, as the two most obvious values for balancing knockout timers are unchanged.