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Modded Keybinding - Problem with "MODS" Section
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In the keybinding settings there will be a new category "MODS", but with three entries:

  • "Camera" (is default, shouldn't be here)
  • "Editor Camera" (is default, shouldn't be here)
  • "Mod Section" (the one created)

But the modded keybind "My test action" (Mod_MyActionName ) will be under "Editor Camera". The created entry "Mod Section" is empty.

The modded keybind (found under "Editor Camera") is working as intented. But all the other settings from "Editor Camera" are gone.

The "Camera" and "Editor Camera" settings are default settings. They just appear under "MODS" after adding the custom keybind. The default settings for "Editor Camera" are all gone and replaced by the custom keybind "My test action" (Mod_MyActionName ).

I've tried a setup with custom config names and I've tried with the copies from the wiki: (Version from Oct. 9, 2021)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

I've just used the examples from the wiki and I also replaced the names with custom ones. Both is ending in the same result.

Additional Information

Already verified the game files.
Also made a clean install.

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I've tried the new version from the wiki, with "addon = 1" in the mod section config, but the categories are still wrong. (also verified game files again)

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Hello thank you for reporting the issue.

Could you add a example of the code you were using?

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class CfgUserActions
	class AIM_myUserActionKey // This class name is used for internal representation and also for the inputAction command.
		displayName = "My Test Action";
		tooltip = "This action is for testing.";
		onActivate = "systemchat 'activated'";		// _this is always true.
		onDeactivate = "systemchat 'deactivated'";		// _this is always false.
		onAnalog = "";	// _this is the scalar analog value.
		analogChangeThreshold = 0.1; // Minimum change required to trigger the onAnalog EH (default: 0.01).
class CfgDefaultKeysPresets
	class Arma2 // Arma2 is inherited by all other presets.
		class Mappings
			AIM_myUserActionKey[] = {
				0x25, // DIK_K
				"256 + 0x25", // 256 is the bitflag for "doubletap", 0x25 is the DIK code for K.
				"0x00010000 + 2" // 0x00010000 is the bitflag for "mouse button".
class UserActionGroups
	class AIM_myUserActionSection // Unique classname of your category.
		name = "Mod Section"; // Display name of your category.
		isAddon = 1;
		group[] = {"AIM_myUserActionKey"};

thank you for helping :)

dedmen added a comment.EditedOct 20 2021, 12:13 PM

Hm cannot repro in my build

Cannot repro on 2.06 stable build either, works just fine here.
Can you send me your RPT?

Here we go. I also unloaded all mods and creator DLCs.

Just to make sure I don't do anything wrong...
I've created a config.cpp and into that I've put CfgPatches and the code I've provided above. Nothing else for testing.

Here's how it looks in main menu as well as in editor:

I had that issue during development.
But I fixed it back then, and now I cannot reproduce 🙃
Maybe I need to retest in a clean profile

kingofnuthin1980 added a comment.EditedOct 21 2021, 1:46 PM

I'm definitely happy about that feature. As a controller gamer it opens so many possibilities for a flawless gaming experience. At least in theory. Like giving keys different actions depending if you are in a vehicle or on foot. Or D-Pad for action menu control if action menu is visible, otherwise using the D-Pad for binoculars, NVGs, compass etc. Just basic thoughts. Nothing tried yet.

EDIT: I know it sounds strange to play Arma with a controller. But it its so much of fun. Especially with vehicles. The only real downside is the action menu. It's a lot of clicking and navigation to get to the setting. A radial menu would solve lot's of issues.

dedmen added a comment.Nov 4 2021, 2:37 PM

So I still can't repro with the config you gave. Can you send me your full PBO that you use to get this problem?

I have this reproduced, on v2.06 (current stable) and with both the -debug & -filePatching set and not set, so it doesn't seem to be related to either of those.

Further development. I tried changing out load orders, names, none of it worked.

I Repacked the repro config using different names and it still reproduces.

However, if I run it alongside my apache mod, with its keybinding update, the "Camera" and "Editor Camera" still appear in the mod category list, but the keybind is now in the correct category.

dedmen added a comment.EditedNov 24 2021, 1:53 PM

Oh wow I got it.
It only repro's if your pbo gets loaded before the vanilla PBO's that add the Camera/Editor Camera sections.
The groups are sorted/split between non-mod and mod, and during the sorting the addon flag actually stays in place while stuff like name and keys in the group get moved around :D
That way the Camera group ended up being flagged as addon. And after a addon group, there should only be more addon groups (in this case the ones after are not addon ones)

Thats why I could not repro it with your config, because my CfgPatches was correctly set up to load after all the vanilla files.
Set your requiredAddons to A3_Data_F_AoW_Loadorder and you won't have this problem because your stuff loads only after all of vanilla Arma is done loading.

This will be fixed in 2.08

And another thing learned... I've had no idea that this can happen ^^

Sorry for causing that much headache!

And thank you for helping and fixing!

dedmen closed this task as Resolved.Jul 13 2022, 1:50 PM