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Increase MFD Value/Text limits
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Hi all,
In the wake of "higher-fidelity" aircraft mods (like the well known F/A-18 Superhornet by TeTeTe, or the H-60 Pack by Hatchet Team), I'd like to suggest an increase to the limit of MFD values and texts (setUserMFDValue, setUserMFDText commands) which are set to 50 each.
Not sure how much work and impact it would have on the engine performance, but it would be great if it could be increased so that we can accomodate and display more information on the MFDs and HUDs, especially when a lot of this information is being figured out from the scripts in this type of mods.

As my own example, I'm currently working on a mod for Arma which introduces an F-16C Fighting Falcon into the game and I'm really aiming to make the cockpit rather realistic, I've been working on it and researching it for over a year. That being said, with two MFDs, RWR and one HUD in the middle, the budget of 50 MFD "values" might be a bit tight to squeeze all the information in.

Good thing is, such tweak would be perfectly backwards compatible.


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Vestarr created this task.Jul 29 2021, 5:40 PM

would 51 be OK?

@LouMontana 52 or no deal

In a more serious tone though, I absolutely have no idea how much is too much, but a doubled value would take a lot of headache away.

that's what I was hinting at ;-) is 100, 200, 1000 required?
also, what about setVariable/getVariable? This may help you too :)

I'm not gonna lie, I don't have an exact number laid out but 100 would surely cover it for this project and would save a lot of headache, I guess 200 would be even better from the future-proofing perspective;)

@LouMontana is there a way to use setVariable / getVariable command to display information on the HUD/MFD's though, without using setUserMFDValue/setUserMFDText? I tried to search for that in the forums but never found a way so I assumed it's not possible?

I don't think so; if it is for HUD display, MFD is the thing to use. If it is for data-storing for further processing then yeah, you could use that and only use MFD for HUD display.

regarding your request, from an "external" (non-dev) point of view:

  • pro: it should not be a big issue to raise the limit (though there may be a limitation of which I am not aware)
  • con: it is quite niche and may not be "worth it" (but I think it is not that of a no-no either)

So let's hope and let's go! :)

Big upvote from the Hatchet team,

I vaguely remember some chatter about the engine has to check every single value regardless of whether it exists or not, hence there was a limit to improve performance. But I'm sure you'll be able to find out more than we can.

100 would be amazing, I can't possibly see anyone requiring more than 200. but I'm willing to try ;)

mattysmith22 added a subscriber: mattysmith22.EditedSep 14 2021, 12:29 AM

AH-64D Apache mod dev here, agreed this would be great! I am currently in the process of moving our mod across to this, and the 50 values is definitely a tight squeeze for us too - we aren't able to move all of the parts of the pages across to the new method because of this and are working on a hybrid approach, and multiplexing the different MPD pages so we can reuse values.

@LouMontana what do you mean by the use of getVariable/setVariable? I am pretty sure you can't access these through the MFD system? Disregard, I have reread your original message. Sorry!

A year since raising this ticket, I'm bumping it.
It's great to see new potential ARMA 3 releases coming up. It would be great if this minor update could be one of them.

Please Bohemia Interactive, on behalf of all modders affected by it 😄

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We are introducing feature that lets you render arbitrary UI's onto textures, with no limitations (just like any other UI Display). That should solve this right?

This would absolutely solve this.
Any ETA on this feature?

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