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[Feature Request] [1.13 expie feedback] Radio PTT change
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is it possible to implement a mute function for the handheld transceiver? Switching between listening only and listening + sending? Many times I am talking with someone via direct communication and want to keep my radio on (without unrealistically sending all the time). (Suggested by CodayTV)

This is split from the thread here as requested by GeeZ:

I'd prefer a seperate PTT for radio coms, which puts my local voice to whisper and transmits. but a toggle would also be good.
Reason: I like to listen into the radio coms, and it is very dificult to turn off the radio if you meet someone locally, so you end up trying to say "Hi!" to someone nearby so they don't shoot you, but it gets transmitted over the radio too.

Thanks for the latest changes, I'm loving the development!


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IRL, radios are PTT. I would never run around with a mic keyed up as that actually jams the frequency for anyone trying to talk.

Also, Radios don't weigh more than 0.5kg IRL why do these weigh so much.

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everything is good.

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