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Modding MissionServer results in a server crash on shutdown
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When modding MissionServer the server will crash on shutdown with an access violation error. It does not matter what the modded class contains, its mere presence results in the server crashing.

Time:  9:30:06
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at FE4CD6C3
Version 1.12.153895
Fault address:  FE4CD6C3 00:FE4CD6C3 Unknown module
file:     dayzOffline
world:    chernarusplus
Prev. code bytes: 48 8B CB EB 03 49 8B 0E 48 85 C9 74 0D 48 8B 01
Fault code bytes: FF 50 20 48 8B 35 63 0F A9 00 48 8B CF E8 5B FD
note: Minidump has been generated into the file F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DayZServer\profiles\DayZServer_x64_2021-05-08_09-29-38_2021-05-08_09-30-06.mdmp


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Create mod which only accesses 5_Mission and add

modded class MissionServer {};

Event Timeline

One of the memory dumps created.

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Hello philippjoos.
It is unnecessary to store the return 'RestAPI' of "CreateRestAPI()" in a 'ref' in script, as this memory is already managed in C++ and will be freed when the program terminates (or when calling "DestroyRestAPI()").


NATION added a subscriber: NATION.EditedJul 26 2021, 11:24 PM

With every restart / shutdown of the server there is an entry in the Windows event log

Protokollname: Application
Quelle: Application Error
Datum: 26.07.2021 22:05:50
Ereignis-ID: 1000
Ebene: Fehler
Benutzer: Nicht zutreffend
Computer: DayZ-Server
Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: DayZServer_x64.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x60ed3a27
Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: unknown, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x00000000
Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005
Fehleroffset: 0x0000000000000000
ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x1328
Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d7823fb2647b96
Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: C:\OmegaManager\servers\3\DayZServer_x64.exe
Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: unknown
Berichtskennung: 1b8ee333-cad4-47b7-8ef8-221ca70ec448
Vollständiger Name des fehlerhaften Pakets:
Anwendungs-ID, die relativ zum fehlerhaften Paket ist:
<Event xmlns="">

  <Provider Name="Application Error" />
  <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2021-07-26T20:05:50.568383700Z" />
  <Security />