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calmWater shader reflection/texture panning issues.
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Current version of the calmWater engine shader has two different issues when implemented on assets in two separate use cases.

  1. When used on unique P3D objects (e.g Pond_1.p3d, Pond_2.p3d) the assets surface has incorrect reflections when seen at anything below approximate 70 degree viewing angle. The reflections are very high and cause an unnatural glossiness to the material, additionally it also appears like the surface is opaque, when it should in fact be translucent. However if viewed from a birds eye view looking down, the material displays correctly with depth based opacity due to there being no reflections at that high a viewing angle.
  1. When multiple instances of an asset using the shader are used on a terrain, the texture appears to pan in conjunction with player/camera movement. (Which looks rather trippy and can get disorienting after a while) This makes the use of creating "water tile set" assets for terrain use impossible, additionally the issue in problem 1 with the reflections is also usually present in conjunction with the panning textures problem.

Resolving of one if not both of these would be a huge help and make the calmWater shader actually useful for content creators.


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Windows 10 x64
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Situation 1 with the error-ed reflections was observed on Chernarus and Chernarus 2020 which both use the ported unique pond objects from the originals in Arma 2.

Situation 2 i have observed on the third party map Rosche, which has several river branches made from a series of the same master set of objects.

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-Ben- created this task.Feb 8 2021, 9:03 PM
dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Feb 22 2021, 5:21 PM

pond objects are not officially supported.
Seems like this is part of that.

-Ben- added a comment.Feb 22 2021, 8:15 PM

Somewhat begs the question then as to why we have the calmWater shader at all then?

At the moment it's just out of reach of being practical. If the fix for either application method mentioned above is not overly complicated, it's a fairly big payoff as a result for modders and possibly CDLC projects.

Varanon added a subscriber: Varanon.Apr 7 2021, 2:02 PM