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Periodic Client/Dedicated Server Crashing when playing certain missions
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Starting a few days ago I've started to get frequent crashing, but only on a specific mission so far. It hasn't happened under any specific circumstances, or actions as far as I can tell. It just only during general gameplay. I was very surprised to see a server crash since the last time I've had server crashes was over two years ago:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
20H2 19042.610
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

I attempted to reproduce the crash by leaving the mission running overnight for about 12 hours with my character just standing still however, the crash wasn't triggered so it may be related to assets loading and unloading. I've tried verifying game files but no corrupt files were found. My friend also got the same crash once, so I doubt it's hardware/system setup related. I'll send over their crash logs once they send them to me. I'll see if the crash happens again, but so far I've had no luck reproducing it. It seems to be triggered by more real world gameplay which is hard to test for.

Additional Information

Here's one crash that I believe was on a local host when I was testing by myself

Here's a crash on November 4th at 8:50PM

Here's another crash during the same mission after I rejoined on November 4th at 9:21PM. Interestingly this was the only crash to generate a .mdmp file which might mean something for you guys.

Here's the server crash from the same session as the previous crashes on November 4th at 10:24PM


Mission I was playing

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Cyprus created this task.Nov 6 2020, 5:03 AM
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dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Dec 16 2020, 4:07 PM

"Server Crash During Mission" is crash because AI group didn't have a group leader.. don't know why that happens but seen that more and more recently, ill investigate
"Second Crash During Mission" is corrupted texture file in terrain data.
"Crash During Mission on Nov 4" no mdmp, can't see whats going on
"Crash During Mission on Nov 3" same, no mdmp

Cyprus added a comment.EditedDec 16 2020, 6:23 PM

Hmm hopefully the group leader crash can be fixed. I haven't had it since then thankfully.

On the second crash is there way to tell if the data itself was corrupted, or just my download of it? The map is Thirsk Winter. I just double checked my files and they have the exact same size on a fresh download from Armaholic so I'm guessing it would have to be the map itself.

On the other two I previously noted that those crashes didn't generate a mdmp file. Is there a reason why they wouldn't have been generated?