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Random Dedicated Server crash when playing certain missions.
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I've had this issue for the past few months where I'm getting more frequent than usual server crashes when playing the "Escape" series of missions by Neo Armagedon ( It happens randomly and if I were to guess about once in every 10-20 sessions, although I've only started tracking it now. I don't play other missions that much so I'm unsure if this crash is caused by the mission itself or something else because I haven't played other missions enough to say if they're also crashing.

No clients crash during the server crash. I have attached the rpt, MDMP, BIDMP, along with my DXDiag and the mission file.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Unknown. It seems to happen at completely random times, although leaning towards the beginning of starting the mission. This particular crash happened around 20 minutes into the session

Additional Information

(build 141 which can be downloaded from here username and password are left blank)

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We just published a fix does the issue still occur? Also, have you tried contacting Neo Armagedon?

I haven't had a chance to play Arma 3 since that last session so I haven't had a chance to try it out the latest hotfix, but I will test more as soon as I can to see if I still get server crashes. I have contacted NeoArmageddon, but he hasn't replied to me.

I meant to reply to this a while ago, but after many hours of dedicated server hosting tested with several different missions on several different maps, I have not had a single server crash so the fix worked.

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Thank you for letting us know.