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Request for aperture-related scripting command(s)
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While we have a setter in the form of setAperture, there's currently no way to get the aperture, tell if the aperture is being forced via script, or know what aperture A3 would apply if it had control. It would be helpful to be able to have a way to detect these things:

  1. The current aperture, whether it's from setAperture or from A3 itself.
  2. Whether the aperture is being forced via setAperture, or A3 is calculating it/applying it itself.
  3. Regardless of what's controlling the aperture, the value of what A3 would set the aperture to if it had control. This would be used in instances where you're manually adjusting the aperture but still want to be able to reference what A3 thinks it should be in that situation.


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Windows 7

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apertureParams should be added in 147143

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