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Eden Editor Compositions
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  1. Compositions which have missing addons need to be handled differently. I suggestion to gray them out in the tree view or hide them.

Right now, if one selects a composition which uses an object from a missing addon, a popup message is shown, which can become frustrating if one has a large number of compositions.

  1. The combo box (configfile >> "Display3DENSaveComposition" >> "ControlsBackground" >> "Content" >> "Controls" >> "Category") should be replaced by a list box with search functionality. The list of available categories is quite large and a combo box is not ideal for this. Same applies to the combo box (configfile >> "Display3DENEditComposition" >> "ControlsBackground" >> "Content" >> "Controls" >> "Category")
  1. The "TEST" category should be removed from the available categories.
  1. The launcher should get a new tab on the left for compositions. Otherwise the only way to manage comps is through the steam interface which is tedious.


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Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor

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  1. you can manage them all in 3DEN, is that not sufficient?
R3vo added a comment.Sep 25 2020, 9:14 PM
  1. you can manage them all in 3DEN, is that not sufficient?

That's fine. I didn't know that when I created the ticket.

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