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EventHandler AnimChanged for Gestures
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It would be great to have a EH for when a Gesture starts/changes/ends similar to the AnimChanged EH for regular Animations.

Right now if I want to make sure the player constantly performs a certain gesture, I have to use a loop and "playActionNow" to constantly play the gesture, because I cannot detect when it changes due to someone reloading, or somehow performing a different gesture which will always overwrite the old one.


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Windows 10 x64
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player playActionNow "GestureClassname";
(make sure the Gesture is looped, or use a long gesture so you can properly test it)
Reload -> this will overwrite the old one and once the reload is done, it will not automatically go back to the gesture you were performing before

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This is basically a duplicate of my slightly older suggestion, so gonna be an a-hole and bump it here if we'd get both of these events 😛