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1.08 Open barrel makes repeated sound when raining
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When it is raining, a barrel with the lid off makes a "open/close lid" sound effect about every 10-15 seconds.

While it's only moderately irritating, it does give away the location of otherwise hidden bases/stashes. I found a few bases I would have otherwise just walked past if not for this bug on the exp branch, one was on a rooftop, the other fairly well hidden in a group of trees.

Here is a 47 second video of the bug. (m4v version)

in case that link won't play (webm version)

I did notice one interesting thing about this bug. When I moved my testing server back over to the stable branch from exp, I made no changes with the 1.07 mission folder, just to see what would happen. It worked reasonably well, so I tried to replicate the bug on my server. No bug to be found, no matter how hard the rain or how full the barrel.

Then I replaced all of the updated files in my mission folder with the new 1.08 versions. All the files with a modification date of June 30th. I load up the server, make it rain with the COT mod, and there's the barrel sound bug.

I considered if the CF and COT mods were involved, but given that I frequently ran into this on the official exp branch, I would say mods have nothing to do with it.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Vanilla server, spawn in barrel, take lid off, and make it rain. The sound should appear, but to move the process along a bit, put some water in it with a jerry can, and then add the can to the barrel. Maybe it requires a little bit of water in it before the bug kicks in, as it seems to be related in some way to the collection of rainwater and updating the water amount in that barrel.

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Hello Chambersenator.
May this issue be related to simply opening/closing the barrel rather than the rain being a factor? As we have already confirmed similar issue on the experimental version -

Possibly, but the sound only seems to happen when its raining. I left that same barrel in that video I linked untouched, and the repeating sound stopped when the rain stopped. Even after restarting the client and server multiple times, the barrel makes the sound when it rains.

The fact that the bug only started happening on my server when I updated all the files in my custom mission folder from the 1.07 to the 1.08 versions is rather interesting though.

If there is any trouble replicating this bug, try adding at least a bit of water to the barrel manually - say 25% of a full jerrycan's worth - just enough to have a small bit of the capacity indicator bar showing white. I also had at least one item in the barrel's inventory. Note that when I experienced this on the exp branch, I had not added any water to the barrel myself - it was all "naturally" collected rainwater. I can certainly do more testing to determine exactly when the repeating sound starts if needed, and include the level of intensity of the rain I set the server to, or if I see any other factors, such as if replicating the bug requires having a liquid container in the barrel (jerrycan with water, canteen, etc) in order for it to happen.

I have a feeling that the sound may be related in some way to the rate at which the barrel's contents are updated during rain collection by the server. If that rate happens to be match the time between the bugged sounds, that would be a telling clue. That's just speculation on my part, but there is a bit of logic to the theory.

This bug is still persistent on stable 1.10, even when inside buildings/under cover that would otherwise prevent rain from hitting the barrel.

yeah, it is on 1.10, and I saw it only when raining on standard barrels

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Acknowledged.Jan 14 2021, 3:48 PM

Thank you for the info everyone.
We have been able to confirm the issue and it is scheduled for a fix.

I can confirm the noise behavior with the barrels. Whether it is related to rain I can not say. But after a certain time, my barrels always start to make the open/close noise in a x minute interval.

Which is actually a problem, because hidden barrels are easily found by the unwanted noise.

Would be great if you can fix this with the next update.

Likvor added a subscriber: Likvor.Apr 1 2021, 5:53 PM

Hi, not only barrels. When I log in there is plenty of noise issues. Broken glass (on car doors), locks, barrels...

when it is raining and the padlocks are in your backpack this noise also happens.

This bug also happens after server restart for normal barrels. The barrel's lid opening sound gets play all the time until someone interacts when the barrel.