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Dayz Exp: Zombies ignore player if aggro-ed at vehicle
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Product: DayZ Experimental v 1.08.153164 - no mods (by mistake picked ARMA 3 - dont know how to change it)

Description: If you drive car through zone with zombies, they would aggro at car and start to chase it. If you stop the car, switch the engine off and leave car, zombies would ignore you even if you attack them. Even if there is zombie running to your car from distance and you attack it before it reaches your car, it would disregard the injuries you caused it and keep focused on car - to reach it and stand at it. We used to be completely carried away by beautiful cars at car shows, we even have deep feelings for old Lada Niva, but this is weird... and also ruins the horror atmosphere entirely.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 x64 Home 1909
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have working car
  2. Get chased by zombies while driving
  3. Stop car, stop engine, leave car
  4. Zombies don't even acknowledge your presence, they are here only for your quiet car
  5. Attempts to get zombie's attention go nowhere, being it attack by blunt weapons or by firearms - at best zombie would just glance at you briefly and then give it's undivided attention back to car - until killed. (Then it would revenge by not letting you into your car, see T151799)
  6. Wonder who you became
Additional Information

It is fun but it also greatly spoils gameplay - with car you can just collect all zombies in area and have them out of your way while you loot the area singing loudly.

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Can you guys please assign this under "Dayz" tag, since this was opened by mistake for "Arma 3"

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