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Dead zombies at vehicle prevent to enter it
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Product: DayZ Experimental v 1.08.153164 - no mods

Description: If you stop your car chased by zombies, they would surround your car but mostly attempt to get to driver's door. If you leave your car and kill these zombies, leaving their bodies at car's driver door, you cannot enter the car - cursor option to enter the vehicle never appears. Workaround by having zombies respawn - by restart or run far enough and return to your car (zombies respawn and your door to driver's seat is now unobstructed)
Observed with: Lada Niva and Volga


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 x64 Home 1909
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have working car, drive slowly through village/town where zombies would aggro and chase you
  2. Stop car, leave it, jump on it's roof, wait for zombies to arrive
  3. Shoot them so at least one drops at driver's door (Zombies would tend to stand there)
  4. Once safe to jump from car's roof try to enter your car
  5. Stay calm when you just cannot
Additional Information

BTW what if we have function of changing between driver's and front passenger seats?

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This seems resolved in experimental 1.09.153372