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“Suspending not allowed in this context” error isn't showing in-game error message
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While .rpt file says Suspending not allowed in this context if you tried to suspend in an unscheduled environment, there's no certain error message in-game error message.

Suspending not allowed in this context
Error in expression <sleep 1>
  Error position: <sleep 1>
  Error Generic error in expression

If it showed in-game, it will helpful for anyone who is lazy to look into .rpt (like me!) and new scripters.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Error Message
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run a script with a suspend like:
sleep 1;

in an unscheduled environment

  1. See the in-game error
  2. See the .rpt

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The popup message should always say something like : "See .rpt file for full error message". I guess many folks forget about that or don't know it.

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