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Arma 3 Old man bugs
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Multiple issues with Old man encountered so far

Red Beret stops 7.62x51 and 7.62x39 had this happen at the check point outside of Georgetown (West)

Container directly across (west) of the IDAP cache has a mesh issue, I was able to glitch through it by accident while in a firefight, this is the direct cause of me getting muted on the discord and something that is probably an issue with the majority of the containers at the port since the look like they were copy and pasted for the majority of them. This is something I feel should have been caught by QA when Apex was released.

Mines are not detectable, I have the mission on regular for my first time through so I can enjoy it rather than going at it hardcore, I had a mine detector in my backpack walked up to a mine, mine did not visually render nor did it give me any options to disarm the mine even though I had a toolkit in my backpack as well, mine exploded didn't kill me, attempted again to find another mine to disable and again the mine isn't showing up but the beeping is there. This was the CSAT mine fields at 047030, standing there currently the mines are beeping but again no render of the mines is coming up.

Save system:
This has major issues, I chose the one where you save at your rest point, but there are auto saves within the game as well, some of these autosaves are not recording such as after a random attack that pops up on the same area that the CSAT minefields are, I fully cleared the base completed the objective and it said saving but didn't record the save.

When you exit, doing the Save and Exit it records your position only where you exit, it doesn't make a save file in the loading area, only when you spawn back in. This caused me to lose about 3 to 4 miles of progress towards an objective.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Newest one
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The Red Beret will happen at random.

The mines will always happen I can show a video of this through OBS if needed, but they don't show up even when you're standing directly 2 inches from them, they aren't rendering nor giving me the option to disarm them.

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Another issue

Menu buttons on the map glitch out after sometime in game.

I'm running my game at 1920x1080 and my buttons when I click them will sometimes not display what I'm trying to get them to display.

AI also when you rest for 8 hours will not move away or despawn from your location but will stay there, this has happened at a few cache's where I've had the exact same enemy patrol in the exact same spot after I slept for 8 hours

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Another issue, when you create missions on the EDEN editor the game by default now adds a n OLD MAN dependency to the mission just as if you had a mod installed but you never really added anything OLD MAN related to your mission, just place a bunch of regular Ai units and the dependency will still happen.

The worst part is that when hosting the mission in multiplayer it now causes some of the other players to disconnect with a "user has a modified file" error when trying to connect for the first time but as soon as you delete the OLD MAN entry from the mission's file the players can join your game without errors.

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Thank you for reporting, however please create separate reports for each of the issues listed here do not put multiple issues into one report!

Wulf added a comment.Apr 20 2020, 9:28 AM

@LSValmont - Please create a separate issue. Also could you please attach your RPT files as well, please tell us which exact units did you use, which terrain etc. Give us as much information as you can.

Thank you.


Dwarden told me just to report all of it on here, so I though it'd be better for me to find the bugs and post them all within one report that I can continually add to rather than making 50 separate reports but have all the information on the ones I'm finding in one place, which I think is more time efficient overall since I actually divide them up as well rather than just jumble them together.

Wulf added a comment.Apr 21 2020, 11:45 AM

Better for you, yes, for us not so much. The reason for separate reports is so that issues are not overlooked as each report is linked to a ticket so that it can be closed when the issue is resolved. Like this the report might not be closed or worse closed with lingering issue that were lost somewhere in the comments or overlooked because it was edited later.

can't give medications to medic in forest
can't give network structure map to keystone

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you can create your own dashboard and create panels in you dashboard (check mine
and these panels can be created from saved queries and in those saved queries you can filter by 'created by <username>' so you can keep track of all your reported issues

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can't give medications to medic in forest
can't give network structure map to keystone

It happens exactly the same. Any solution? Thanks.

I cannot give ID to the friend of the prisoner. I can't pick up a truck with explosives. I cannot give medicine to a doctor in the forest