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The character may stick to the vehicle and die.
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  1. When the engine is running on the car, the character may stick to the vehicle. The character loses control of the movement and cannot move away from the car.

  1. There were such cases. The player was the driver of the vehicle, the motor of the vehicle was running. The player got an accident on the game (for some reason). When the player returned to the game, he began to play a new character. The player gave me the coordinates of the scene of the accident, so that I would help save his property.

Here's what happened to his character at the scene of a game accident.
If the player was inside the car and left the server due to a game crash or communication with the server, the server will put the player’s character near the working machine, but (this is important) ! the server will not turn off the motor on the machine !. Since the player’s character stays on the server for some time, near the running machine it can take uncontrolled fatal damage.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
OS 1909
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Turn on the machine motor
  2. Get out of the car (do not turn off the engine)
  3. Approach the car from any direction. The character sticks well when the character’s left shoulder is slightly forward to the surface of the machine.
  4. When you stick, try to get away from the car.

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