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Request: More direct control over range in which items/entities show are shown in vicinity/inventory UI
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Either some form of config entry or perhaps info stored on model that gives more direct control over where the player can access inventory of an object would be greatly appreciated. I think one good way that could be done would be a p3d selection in view geometry (invaccess for example) that basically dictates, if the player is within that mesh, they can see the inventory of the object.

This would even benefit internally as some objects you need to stand in a pinpoint precise location to access the inventory (like tents) and some are too large and can be accessed from several meters away (CivilianSedan).


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Jest added a subscriber: Jest.Feb 19 2020, 6:33 AM

What is stopping you from doing so right now?

override bool IsInventoryVisible()
    return false;

Integrate your custom checks in there. You can compare the player position to a mem pos, or use view geometry components in the interactions to control that.

You can use IsInventoryVisible to hide stuff that is already being detected as within vicinity, but you cant show things that aren't already showing. Making it so it's always true for example on an item will not make it always show, it still cuts off at the limit of however the game is automatically determining the range.

You can. Have a look at VicinityItemManager, that static class is responsible for all of the finding and maintaining of what will even be considered for the vicinity GUI