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Crew of deleted vehicle are not null
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You cannot delete the player's own body within a vehicle once the vehicle has been deleted but you can still access its the body's object. This puts multiplayer out of sync with variables/commands such as allDeadMen returning different values per client even when the object was modified by a command with a global effect such as deleteVehicle.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

-Start Arma 3
-Go to Editor
-Place a vehicle with yourself inside
-Run the scenario in mulitplayer
-Kill your player
-Delete the vehicle
-Try and delete the units in array allDeadMen or the old unit passed via the params of the event script "onPlayerRespawn.sqf"

Additional Information

You cannot delete the units but they are not null and you cannot see their bodies. This only seems to apply to the player's own body.
The ideal system would be that the vehicle cleanup manager dumps the bodies then deletes the vehicle if needed and the bodies get deleted within the corpse cleanup manager.

// Description.ext
respawn = BASE;
respawnDelay = 0;
respawnDialog = 0;
respawnButton = 1;
disabledAI = true;
joinUnassigned = 0;
respawnOnStart = -1;

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Could you please upload a test mission here as well? Thank you.

Could you please upload a test mission here as well? Thank you.

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Even worse, this bug seems to only affect the player's own body and it puts allDeadMen out of sync because other players can see and delete the player's corpse. - One dead body inside blown up vehicle (allDeadMen synced) - Vehicle deleted and all players besides the body's owner can see the body (allDeadMen synced) - Corpse is deleted by another player (allDeadMen out of sync)

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Should be fixed in rev 146398

Thank you BIS_fnc_KK ! Nice fix

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