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Experimental 1.06.152770 - Weapon disappears and inventory issues
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While playing on the Experimental DE1-4 server, on which I previously have had issues, my LAR disappeared from my back while I was bandaging myself. Immediately thereafter, I could not pick up my axe I had dropped from the ground.

This occurred around 21:37 CET. Here's my Steam Profile:

Game logs:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 1803/10.0.17134.829
Steps To Reproduce

See the video capture of this event on YouTube

Additional Information

Could also be related to T146463

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Vitdom created this task.Nov 14 2019, 11:27 PM
Lex added subscribers: Geez, Lex.Dec 23 2019, 1:51 PM

@Geez Hi. I know this is a common problem associated with the inventory work. Just some of the options as it happens in the game.
With me it happened yesterday. I had one cut. In his hands was VSS, spare mags for VSS in the inventory. I was running away from zombies. Recharge the VSS -use "R" key. VSS put on his shoulder - a shortcut. Running away, I opened the inventory, took the empty mags in his hands, which would replenish ammo in the mags. But charging to the mags did not work. I put the mags back into inventory slot mags and disappeared as soon as they were placed in the slot. At the same point in time - with my shoulder disappeared VSS.

Relog the server does not return anything. I suppose that you need to relog be done immediately when the mags have not worked in his hands. But I could not hide from the zombies, and could not escape. Zombies might kill me during relog.