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EXP 1.06 Chernarus issues picking up loot or moving loot from clothing or packs
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EXP 1.06 Chernarus issues picking up loot or moving loot from clothing or pack
Only able to double click to move from old clothing to new or dead zed sometimes, other time you cant remove loot from dead at all. clothing and packs you have to hold in hand and drag over to your character .. picking up spawned loot you pick up and think u have it .. only to find it did not pick it up.
Seems the longer you play the worse it gets


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Pick up loot or transfer loot from old to new clothing or packs

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I'm having similar issue, sometimes it gives me the option to Press F / Take, but when I press F it doesn't work, the item stays on the ground. I can drag it into my inventory using the inventory screen though.

Vitdom added a subscriber: Vitdom.Nov 14 2019, 10:47 PM

While I played on DE 1-4 yesterday, I experienced heavy desync from 20.15 CET onward. If I rejoined it got a little bit better, however it worsened later again. I couldn't pick stuff up, eat or craft items at all.

Today I tested for a few minutes again on the same server, and the issues have worsened. Now items are disappearing from the inventory too. While trying to relog, my rifle was duplicated but not working. And for some weird reason, I always spawn with a small stick on the ground.

Beavis added a subscriber: Beavis.Nov 21 2019, 10:31 AM

@Vitdom: Do you have a torch in your pack somewhere? I've noted that if you carry a torch, a stick will be on the ground when you log in. Weird little bug...

As for inventory desync, I stopped playing this experimental build because of it. It just happened too much, losing items, not being able to pick things up or move them between containers, weapons firing ghost bullets (because the server thinks I'm waving my hoodie in the air or something), it is just too much. This build (as of November 21) must not be allowed to go to stable.