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No interaction with objects in different places.
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Objects seen in the texture of the surface, where the object is located.
But often the subject position overlaps the other structure, or partially blocked another texture. This creates an object initialization problem in several different ways:

  1. The subject is seen, the subject can be seen in the inventory menu, but there is no action on the subject menu
  2. The object can be seen, there is a menu of action on the subject, but the subject is not in the inventory menu
  3. The subject is clear, but there is no action on the menu items and items missing from the inventory menu

The first two points are not critical, in both situations, there is one way to interact with the object, or through the action menu or in the inventory window.

there is one problem for the second point, when an object is not empty (inside there are attachments). The player sees the object is surrounded with the prefix (+), but can not see the attachments in the subject through the inventory menu.

The third point of critical - any action with the object impossible.

The position of objects in any area in need of correction. texture of objects should be on the surface of the seats. They should not be inside other textures, or that either should not cause the problem of interaction with the found object. Any suitable embodiment interaction with the object must be available.

Some variants on this video, which often occur in the game


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
OS 1809
Steps To Reproduce

Often objects are inside the texture, and they are not visible, or are not in the zone of interaction with the subject. This part I described the problem this ticket T138489.