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Types XML Issues...
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Every time DayZ servers are updated you continually push updates to various mission files, specifically the Types.XML that have numerous errors therein. Things like...

  • Lifespans on active cars set to 3 minutes.
  • MP5 Item attachments, you can have either a suppressor or compensator, not both. Should be a random chance of 'this or that' not a separate individual chances for each.
  • Old items missing
  • New items being added.
  • Items added by various mods (perhaps you need a separate add-on types file for these other objects that is NOT overwritten by server updates but is loaded when the server starts?).

... just to name a few. Also, there are some items that should persist indefinitely when placed (e.g. fences, towers, tents). Is there an option or lifespan setting (e.g. -1) for allowing this?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 x64 Pro with all the latest updates applied.
Steps To Reproduce

Update an old server (e.g. 1.04) with a new release of DayZ (e.g. 1.05).

Additional Information

Currently the only way to synchronize these files is a line by line visual examination, which in extremely tedious and time consuming for most server administrators. Fortunately for me I own text comparison software which makes this a bit easier for me but it is still a very tedious and time consuming task.

It seem to me that, as a database designer, all of this information would be better suited to a server side MySQL database as it could be more easily managed.

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Hello digiacomtech and thank you for your feedback.
We have a github page set up where we upload the latest files and you can check what has changed in them easily -

regarding to:

Lifespans on active cars set to 3 minutes.

the lifespan is actually in seconds, not minutes - this is intended to be set up this way and affects only vehicles that are not added into dynamic events.

Also, there is currently no way to make items persist indefinitely.


Having the ability to "Include" other types files with a single directive in the main types.xml would be a quality of life enhancement for modders and server admins.

I have to agree with 'sanguine00' ... any items being added in by MODs should be managed in a separate file (e.g. modtypes.xml). This way, DayZ could push types.xml updates to every server every day ... but the external modtypes.xlm would never be touched. This file would only be modified by server administrators that are adding/removing MODs.

digiacomtech added a comment.EditedThu, Sep 12, 4:18 PM

@Geez ... I understand that for vehicles that are NOT currently active, ready to be used in the game, you would want them to despawn immediately after being spawned in. However, for known good vehicles, the value should be set to something more reasonable (e.g. 30 days).

For example, the 'OffroadHatchback' is currently set for 3 seconds? Why? And if it is being set/managed elsewhere then can you tell me where that is so I can manage that as well?