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Arma 3 Launcher does not recognize the GM Capability data pack as a proper option for GM loaded servers.
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{F1200451}It's not a bug, but rather a design oversight.

Currently, if a server has GM loaded, none GM owners even with the compatibility pack. cannot join the server as it treats it like a CDLC server and X's the option to join. Even if you load the datapack manually, you still cannot join from the launcher.

This means that players who have the datapack, will have to first manually load their mods, then join the server in-game. I feel this defeats the purpose of the launcher, as it serves as a great tool to help guide people into loading the correct mods.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a dedicated server with GM enabled.
  2. Make sure GM is disabled if you own it. This can be accomplished by changing the folder name, or uninstalling it.
  3. Download the GM compatibility Data pack.
  4. Boot up the Arma 3 Launcher.
  5. Browse servers, find your server.
  6. Attempt to join through the A3 launcher.
Additional Information

I have also attempted to try to load the data pack directly on the server. In an attempt to bypass the GM core folder at the cost of not being able to use the maps. But it still gives the CDLC requirements and X's out the option to join.

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Excerpt from discord discussion

so you'd have to check for "user owns DLC, and has either GM or compat pack loaded"

@dedmen if you join a server running GM DLC, load GM DLC if owned and if not, prompt to subscribe to GM compat and load that instead

A server having GM loaded might switch to weferlingen at any time. At which point you do need to own it

And a owner doesn't have any reason to load the compat instead of the official.

yeah, you can connect to a regular arma server without tanoa or livionia, and you'll be kicked from the server if a tanoa/livionia mission is loaded

It might be bad UX if the Launcher says "Yeah you're golden with the compat" but then the server switches to weferlingen and they can't play.
The Launcher can detect if server is currently running DLC terrain and require ownership in that case, which might already be the case.

The launcher shows "Get DLCs" if Tanoa is active. So yes its already supported.

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