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Un-enjoyable/game-breaking combat issues (1.04)
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This as an example, sums up the huge sprinting around, zigzagging rushing, quickly raising your gun -> shooting -> then back to a sprint, most effective tactic available type of playstyle established in DayZ

(just me demonstrating in a real environment on how it would play out)

The issues with this?

1. High acceleration and zigzagging: Insanely big speed right off the bat, all the way through the sprint.

  • (You are easily able to dodge, outrun, zigzag, and hard for other players to realistically land a shot against you compared to other military shooters like Escape From Tarkov, Insurgency, ARMA)
  • Your character sprints at about 24 or 23KM/h and that equals to about 6/7M/s! Which is horrible for balance in combat

2. Inertialess movement: The inertia in turns was a great step, but it wasn't enough.

  • Something to lower sprint acceleration drastically by turning however many degrees (over 30° at one time) would be amazing,
  • Something to counter the A + D strafe keys along with mouse movement left and right zigzagging

3. Inertialess gunplay: Guns raise too quick coming off a sprint.

  • It's basically instantaneous when you should be facing penalty for sprinting and trying to raise once you return to normal speeds.
  • It should not reward run'n'gun gameplay
  • Something at least like old DayZ, where there was a delay in raising your gun coming from a sprint (this may have been unintentional and clunky, but it made the PvP experience better in terms of fighting)
  • This is why I request slower transitions to raise a weapon, go into ADS, leave ADS, and have it dependant on weapon weight/size too. (Pistols/SMGs more advantageous here)

4. Easy weapon spraying

  • Firstly, weapon recoil needs to be buffed a lot, and there needs to be a lot more kickback and vertical rise on ALL weapons especially the shotguns, Mosin, IZH, SVD, Pistols, and automatic rifles
  • Secondly, there's no sway penalty coming off a sprint and taking a pot shot at someone. You maintain a very high degree of accuracy. ||| It does not need to be 0.62 levels of the sway of course, but increased than currently yes :)

5. Too much movement while shooting even at long range: One thing I think lots love about DayZ, is that it's not arcadey and has a more simulator-authentic approach to gunplay and combat than other games.
One of those is having to stay relatively steady or still to hit your shots.

So having this system, which I mentioned in T142581 where the weapon does not exactly stay level next to your eye, can go a long way to help improve and limit the arcadiness of gunplay
(the bouncing oscillating movement of the weapon)

Here's the clip if you missed it:


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have weapon in hand.
  2. Sprint
  3. Zig Zag (using A + D to strafe and mouse movement left-right)
  4. Observer high movement speed and low inertia in turning this way.
  5. Take potshots by quickly raising gun -> shooting -> sprinting -> repeat
  6. Spray people down with automatic rifles doing this too :/
Additional Information

Something extra and much needed would just be intuitive and more customizable control layout for people.
For some, it's very uncomfortable and it is a little unfair to force people's style a certain way.

Suggestions I've heard regarding the ability to customize "TOGGLE and Hold modifiers":

  • Ability to unbind RMB to toggle ADS (as currently it's unbindable and can ruin the fluidity when you accidently lightly tap RMB and you get locked in ADS)
  • Ability to set weapon raising to either HOLD or TOGGLE
  • Ability to set ADS to either HOLD or Toggle

    Lower prior but Welcomed:
  • Ability to use eye zoom while in point aiming / weapon raised state

Which someone had liked to see especially for the Survivor GameZ game @Geez

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Hey just an additional thing, I saw this post on the DayZ Reddit and it echos a similar sentiment and is a change that needs to happen. thanks :)

especially comments from u/Ogpeg as he has some legitimate good detailed concerns about combat/movement in DayZ that seriously should be evaluated.