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Visual downgrades.
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I know game should be optimalized but its not fair to make game of players with good PCs worse. Game got so much worse in graphics since first versions of 0.63 and even since 0.62. First thing that god so much worse is ambient occlusion. You got to change the techinque in like 3rd patch of 0.63 (the final one for 0.63 that added cars). Now its just making game a little darker and really nothing more. Earlier that was giving great effect of super dark corners of everything (will give some kind of screenshot how it looked like, it wasnt as drastic in 0.63 but i think we should still get option to turn it on).

The second thing is render of grass. Now its like that =
and it should be like that (screen from 0.61, in 0.62 it looked even better) =
. Third problem is ground texture. Looks awfull on longer ranges and on closer looks super bad too. 0.62 has this new cool plain, not complicated ground textures that looked good on longer ranges even if they were lower resolution. Now they are replaced by complicated ones that look just bad on range. Problem nr 4 is ligthning. Most items no more reflect ligth like in alpha or early versions of 0.63 (i dont have to admit it looked amazing). Everything is just mat and doest look good at all. 5th problem is that ligthning was downgraded. It looked so good when there was a grey filter, sun was so bright and inside of buildings was dark as it should be (looked amazing with old ambient occlusion). 6th and last one is that shadows arent as dark as shadows should be and how they were and poorly affect other objects like ground or grass. Now i will show some screenshots about things i loved about alpha/early beta.


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Im playing on ultra settings on 1080p. Please let us have graphics like we did back in the days of alpha. Graphics in DayZ is really important.

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NakedByo created this task.Jul 24 2019, 3:43 PM

This has really been bothering me as well.

I really loved the graphical style of 0.62 but it feels different and inferior in some ways to current 1.04
1. Distant Rendering: One thing that definitely needs to be addressed is grass rendering, and it should render up to 200M please (or as high as possible), even Escape From Tarkov will be doing that on small maps, and Chernarus has large vast fields, it needs this

2. Grass detail + rendering

The grass also had much more volume, detail, and lush. One thing I miss from the .62 environments

3. Shrinking into ground technology gone
Another thing regarding that is when prone in long grass in the distance especially for Ghillies, the shrinking into terrain technology is no longer there, and you stick out like a sore thumb>
Example: Currently in DayZ: (although I'm not sure if that bug where you sink in the road exists anymore because it has to do with texture filtering but I believe it should be fixed)
So if the top part is fixed, just ignore it and look at the bottom part Currently in ARMA and old DayZ: You actually shrink into the ground especially when prone to compensate for long grass

4. Texture filtering bugged or not fully fleshed out yet? (could be fixed now, but wasn't awhile ago)
Texturing filtering awhile ago was also bugged (making distant textures look low quality) I'm not sure that is fixed yet.

5. No more god rays and glare/bloom from the sun + lens flare gone

glare/bloom and rays + excellent cloud coverage and sky color pallet

lens flare
Great example of god rays + the transition to a teal color near the sun in the skybox is very nice addition :)

there are rays in 1.04, but they barely appear. Only during sunset?

6. Skybox color schemes and clouds:
You guys have done an excellent job on the current dusk to dawn transitions in DayZ but more variety and scenarios like these color pallets are amazing as well

Along with that cloud coverage (as seen in the above pictures as well) is missing and I do wish them back
(The sparse lines of clouds forming sort of jet streams, that make for a clear sky but still have those touch of clouds :D)

7. Global Lighting, especially in interiors

I feel the Global Lighting in .62 was much less bright and more realistic in a sense.

Everything didn't feel overly bright/saturated and was a nice scheme (1.04 still is good, but a little on the brighter side)

This may because of how the grass has changed though, basically that's what I'm mainly judging it off, as the grass has changed from .62

But the main issue is interiors. I don't know if .62 interiors were any less bright than currently, but all I know, the current interiors feel ultrabright to me when they shouldn't.

Inside of .62 I never felt this and the interiors felt more natural. Although I have no substantial evidence to back this up and can be imagining it.

But seriously, make the interiors less ultrabright and darker!

(I know this last one may not be able to fully flesh out due to engine limitations, but try to make some improvements in the lighting config or something?)

Yeah! Thats some good points! I hope they will change it soon, i dont want DayZ to get old in graphics...

I wonder if any of your problems have anything to do with this...

Also, this is a relatively new engine. It will only improve with time, I think. Look at the difference between the early legacy engine and .62.

EnterThePug, 0.60 changed render. 0.62 changed trees grass and ground textures into level that we dont really see often even in 2019 (but yeah they were downgraded). Its not like i hate new engine, few more frames are cool but i havent seen that drastic change... i like the render of small trees tho and waterhouses are great. This are 2 things that got improved in 0.63 but it could be possible in 0.62 too.

I found my screen of ultra from 0.57 patch. Whenever i see how much better it looks than any screenshot from after 0.63 it makes me sad...

I searched for a little and found that ambient occlusion technique is something called ,,FXAO" instead of normal SSAO or HBAO (or HDAO). It got surely changed. I found it in DayZ.cfg where i found also that... anisotropic filtering is set to 4 instead of 16. Plz fix it.

@NakedByo What do you mean by “.62 changed the trees, grass and ground textures into level that we don’t really see often (even in 2019)”

I only started playing in .63 so I don’t have first hand knowledge. I’m very interested in the specifics, though.

NakedByo added a comment.EditedJul 29 2019, 3:05 PM

The resolution of trees, grass was better, shadows were more accurate and it gave feeling of walking in real forrest. The grass felt like it was coming out of ground unlike now (it seems like its floating). watch it if you want to know how it looked. The main thing about forrest is that now shadows are bugged ground textures are bad (they look more like some low resolution grass instead of normal dirt ground like it was in 0.62). The plants have really limited range of rendering.

Screens of stupidly bad looking shadows...

@Geez Any comment on this?

This is pretty concerning as Enfusion is the new renderer and it has arguably worse AO (no SSAO in? please introduce!) and other graphical technologies which make the game much more beautiful.

The Antiscroptic Filtering/Texturing Filtering isn't by default set properly/working as intended in-game (may be fixed by now?) like @EnterThePug
has said

Also the many concerns me and @NakedByo have stated above. (like some of the road textures being downgraded etc.)

Thanks :)

Here is another graphical issue that many have been facing, from source redditor u/RifleEyez

Where distant objects become hazey and blurry starting from an 100M out and onward

Instead of before in Old DayZ, it was clear up until the point of the maximum view distance, where it was a wall of fog, which was a much better solution

New DayZ (way too much haze too fast, terrible for long-range sniping):

(Source IMG:):

Old DayZ (Keep in mind, this was on low object and view dist GFX settings too, but haze was fine):

(Source IMG):

(btw I'm not a coastal bandit xD)

Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Jul 31 2019, 12:27 PM

Just love how not even a single thing of all this above was changed in 1.05. Even bugged texture filtering. Still setting to 4x in files while highest in options.

Roddis added a subscriber: Roddis.Dec 2 2019, 3:34 PM