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1.04.152166 - Weapon in hands CANNOT be looted from dead player body[Inaccessible] Vanilla DayZ!
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Hello. It happened to me twice already. The people I killed had two guns, one on the back and one in their hands. After I had killed them, I could access the gun on their back via the vicinity menu, but the weapon in hands is only visually represented on the model and still in the characters right hand. It is not to be found anywhere in the vicinity menu and even cutting up the body, did not make it drop to the ground. Please fix, I didn't get dat M4 I so deservingly hunted ;P


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1803 | OS Build 17134.885
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Kill a player with one long firearm on their back and one in their hands
  2. Get near their body and check wether you can access their active weapon/gun in hands
Additional Information

This issue has been present since the introduction of the 2 independent shoulder slots.

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Hello freerider3434 and thank you for the report.
We have tested the issue but so far we were unable to produce it in two player scenario, only when player suicides. In case you come across any other information you can provide, which could lead us to producing this issue, please let us know.

Hi Geez,
damn, that's unfortunate. I always shoot people in the head to confirm the kill, so they may have been unconscious. Have you tried that as well? Can't think of any other cause for the moment. Will update, once I have another approach!
Best regards,

I saw an instance of this happening in Survivor GameZ, and this person that TheRunningManZ killed, had an MP133 shotgun in their hands while climbing up a ladder with an IZH-18 and fire axe shouldered
TRMZ was unable to access the shotgun in hands.

To reproduce 100% possibly:

  1. Have someone climb a ladder with a gun in hands
  2. Kill them
  3. Try to get gun
  4. If that doesn't work equip the gearset stated above (firearm and melee weapon both shouldered)

This might be something to do with a system where your gun disappears in hands while performing an action (i,e; climbing ladders, repairing the guns with cleaning kits, while opening doors?)
or **maybe** even during weird ragdoll positions (like mid-jump, on a ladder, in weird prone positions like mid roll?)

have not tested though, so just stating possibilities.

Clips: when TRMZ killed the person on ladder when TRMZ tried to get gun

@jamielou.007 As far as I’m aware. That particular issue happens with every player-held weapon in the Survivor GameZ. The SG devs have listed it as a known bug, and are working on fixing it.

@jamielou.007 @EnterThePug It happened to me twice already in VANILLA DAYZ but today it also happened in Survivor Games. @Geez I have a new theory. It might be caused when the person is killed in the moment they are switching off their weapon in hands. Here are two screenshots:

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Thank you freerider3434.
We have confirmed the issue occurrence when swapping weapons/items.

@Geez Potentially RESOLVED as of 1.05.152380 []

Fixed: An issue preventing players from picking up items dropped from a player that had died while swapping items

Haven't had the problem occurr since then. I will report here if I see it again, for now I think it can be marked as resolved.

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Hello freerider3434.
There indeed has been a fix for this deployed. Please let us know in case you run across the issue.

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Hello Litas.
This ticket is related to an old issue - the current issue with the weapons and looting can be found here -