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Cannot remove car parts from vicinity menu
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For the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to remove car parts from the vicinity menu. They all seem to have the crossed out symbol (similar to no smoking sign). I have to go up to the parts individually and take them to my hands (hold F).

Also, sometimes when you remove the wheels, the cars make a rolling sound. I am usually able to fix this by removing a headlight, but neither the vicinity or ‘take to hands’ option are available.

I played around with the car, taking wheels off and on, and getting in and out. This finally gave me access to the ‘take to hands option’

There are 3 problems here:

1- vicinity menu doesn’t let you remove car parts
2- car makes a rolling sound when certain parts are removed (usually wheels)
3- sometimes you are not even able to take parts directly to your hands (holding F)
4- there is a clicking sound when you get close to a car. I’d say 40\50 meter range. It’s just a single click, but it’s very obvious, and just metas the fact that there is a car nearby, even if you can’t see one.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Just play around with the cars.

Additional Information

I only noticed the clicking sound on the ADA and the GUNTHER. Haven’t tested it with the Sedan.

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