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R button in gun play can be unresponsive
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Hello, after playing the game awhile, the R button has been feeling unreliable and sometimes ruining the PvP encounters. So I tested it in Offline

If you try to press R directly after you shoot, the gun will not respond to the action.

This is displayed by the hotbar blinking red directly after I pull the trigger (MOUSE ONE)
Pay attention to the shotgun on hotbar


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Shoot a gun such as a bolt-action, shotgun, etc. (guns that need R after each shot)
  2. Try pressing R immediately after you shoot
  3. The gun will not cock back and will come across as feeling unresponsive and can become frustrating to the player, especially in tense moments.
Additional Information

Results might be even worsened online in a server with higher ping or lower performance and can result in higher frustrations.

*source from popular YouTubers and streamers who suffer from the same issue.*

Also as user comment below mentioned, instead of visually loading in slugs to the shotgun, it looks like the character is loading in buckshot

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Good video, found a bug:

You reload red bullets - the weapon throw out green bullets instead red.

You should add this to your post heading to fix the bug in the same moment .

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Hello jamielou.007 and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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Hey @Geez on a further note, this can also be reproduced after sprinting, coming to a jog to try and reload from the hotbar or Press 'R' to rack the gun.

Disclamer the encoding got overloaded so the footage is laggy D:

but basically, I was trying to load the gun or press R as soon as I came to a jog from the sprint, but I was getting the issue as above since I was going to instant sprint right after.

To Reproduce when loading ammo, or racking the gun:

  1. Sprint
  2. Come to a jog, try to reload bullets on hotbar / press R
  3. Instantly try to sprint after doing so.

Good Solution
If the player attempts to reload from the hotbar during a sprint
or press R in Sprint

The player will automatically be forced by the game to come to a jog, to perform this User Action by default, to increase the fluidity and responsiveness of combat :)

Once it's done they can sprint away or cancel it with sprinting away if need be?

The fact that you can´t cock, reload or change mags of a gun while running its something thats definetly need to change. At first I thought like the OP it was a responsive issue but its not. Then many thought it was a design decision, and its not
The issue is in the action you perform first:

  • If you start running before you hit the "R" key -> You wont be able to cock/reload/change mags of your gun until you jog
  • If you hit "R" before you start running -> You can actually run and reload without any issue.

This issue have a huge impact on pvp and makes people question the game keys responsiveness.

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