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Magazine Bug
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Hi, whenever I try to emtpy any magazine, the bullets that were in the magazine won't appear in my inventory. They don't appear on the ground, they just disappear. I've only had this problem since patch 1.02


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Pro
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Any magazine that you found from loot spawns.
  2. Put into hands to empty
  3. Empty the magazine
  4. Bullets won't appear in inventory
Additional Information

I don't know if it is just me or other people are having issues with it aswell.

By the way, absolutely love the game, been here since the early days of the standalone and i've never enjoyed it as much as I do now :D

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Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Tue, Apr 16, 12:56 PM

Never got this problem.

  • cartridges always go into inventory, always replenish the existing incomplete set of ammo packs, or form a new set of 10,20,25 or 35 cartridges.
  • if there is no space in the inventory, the cartridges will be on the ground

For me, there are about two options when I can reproduce this problem, provided that there is no space in the inventory.

  1. If to discharge cartridges in the bushes \ trees. The cartridges will fall into the branches of the tree. This leads to the absence of ammunition in the environment menu.
  2. If to discharge cartridges in motion, moving in any direction.

Hey Lex
I found the problem, and its rather embarrassing. The bullets went into my medical Kit and I accidentally found them when taking a bandage.
The bullets were there all along. Thanks for your reply.
I feel kind of stupid now.
Have a great day :D

Lex added a comment.Tue, Apr 16, 1:47 PM

It happens :)))