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Freecam broken in 1.02
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The freecam is broken since update 1.02 on EXP. I can activate the camera, but the unfreezing it does not give me any controls. It remains a static camera.
This was not the case on any previous version, and I can not see an interface change in the script api, that would lead me to do anything in order to get back the controls.

IsFreezed() returns the correct state to what the camera currently should be, but yet the camera itself does not seem to care about that.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
auto instance = FreeDebugCamera.GetInstance();

if( instance )
    instance.SetActive( true );
    instance.SetFreezed( false );

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Seems to be working for me internally, so please try it in the next experimental version.
I'll need some additional details if it still doesn't work.

This has been confirmed not working from me and mov3ax independently. But sure I can try the next exp update and see if it works there.

I have conducted a little more research and I think the FreeDebugCamra simply is not meant to be used by anyone without the internal build *maybe* because the "PluginDeveloper" is not included with the release build. The instance to it from the plugin manager is NULL. Calling the freecam gives a nullptr error to this, that's why it might be linked.
It previously worked because I could spawn a camera object and have a separate instance, but this does not seem to be possible anymore. And the singleton instance of FreeDebugCamera.GetInstance() does not comply with what you want it to do on the public build. I can not use it on stable atm either, so it must have been like that all the time.

It might be nice if it would be as simple as the reproduction steps here to have a freecam as community dev as well, but if nobody changes it we can still make our own camera classes.

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Ah, you are right, FreeDebugCamera is indeed part of the internal debug functions, so I'm surprised it worked for you before in some capacity.
Unfortunately those aren't planned to be enabled in the release version - but as you mentioned, camera classes should still allow for this functionality.

More convenient tools around spectating down the road are a possibility but not very high in the priority list right now