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Unable to connect to local server
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DayZ Version 1.01.150505 - 1.01.150627 or experimental
DayZ Server Version 1.01.150505 - 1.01.150627 or experimental
Windows 10 X64

My friend presses the "play" button in the game launcher
In the launcher settings the IP and Port of my server is entered

Start the game and connect to the game (see screenshot)
after connecting and waiting a little game other crashes(Memory can not be read)
Two days we were looking for a solution to this problem. We tried all the options:

Reinstall the game
Reinstall the server
Change the configuration of the server and game
waiting for updates(in version 1.01.150505 there was the same problem as now)
changing the operating system configuration
I tried to connect myself to my friend, but the game crashed
"Status Access Violation [0x0000005]"

we Checked the integrity of files and versions
We want to play very much, but we can't because of this problem, what is the problem? What we do?

Me and my friend concluded: This problem is due to your 1.01 update, please fix this problem!

By the way, here's another bug-when you inspect any object(click on the mouse wheel) everything is fine, but when you press ESC the game crashes again, and when you press the close button in the window, everything closes well

My local server is not visible in the server browser at all, the browser just loads and that's all. To connect to my local server, my friend and I use the program "Hamachi" it creates a local network. You have a server browser that was before was much better: He quickly loaded everything, not retarded, saw my local server, and after updating the game and server browser now do not see anything and stops. What you asked for I attached.

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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Connect to my local server
the Game crashes

Additional Information

The most interesting thing is that I can connect to my server and a friend can connect to himself, but when I to him or he to me, the game crashes

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