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DayZ SA Client crush only when connect to local server
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I try connect to DayZServer (Steam), that run on the same machine with game client (Steam too) and client crushes with this error: "The instruction 0x3d9cf390 (it's not the real adress that displays in error, later I upload all screenshots with correct adress) referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read."
In server console I see that "Survival successfuly connected..." and right after that client crush and server kick it because server no recieve packets.
But, I haven't any problems with play on all other servers (both official and community servers that founded ingame server browser).
Also, my local server don't display at ingame browser, connection available only with params "-connect= -port=2302"

Later today, i'll try to collect all logs and screenshots about it and load them here too.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Both client and server are install on one machine:

  • Install DayZ Standalone (Steam ver.)
  • Install DayZServer (Steam ver.)
  • Change in "serverDZ.cfg" server name (else on default)
  • Launch DayZServer with param. "-config=serverDZ.cfg"
  • Launch DayZ Standalone with param. "-connect= -port=2302"
  • Wait ~1min
  • Client crush with "...Memory couldn't be read" error
Additional Information

What I allready try:

  • Try to change all params in "serverDZ.cfg" file - nothing
  • Try to experimental or stable versions: client and server stable - client crush, client and server experimental - client crush, server stable and client experimantal - client crush, client stable and server experimantal - client crush.
  • Clear install server and client, check files, reboot machine - don't help
  • Install server and client on different physical disck (server on SSD, client on HDD) - still crush
  • In Windows firewall server and client .exe files are unblocked
  • Launch server on diferent ports as 2303, 2304, 2305 and 2323 - don't fix it (all ports from 2300 to 2400 are open)
  • Reinstall all Visual C++ redists from 2005 and later, .Net Framework and DirectX, Latest NVidia driver (GeForce 1060 6Gb) and Windows updates - don't help

What I'll try today or tomorrow:

  • Launch Server on Virtual Machine
  • Find somewhere the older server version (lower than 1.01.150627 or even lower than 1.01.150505) and see what change

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