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Random Stuttering, almost 3 Years Now!
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Its been almost 3 years now that i've had these random stutters in DayZ, had different PC setups from Intel CPU's to my current AMD CPU, SSD's and an M.2 Nvme drive, high end system RAM, Freesync monitor, tried every tweak that is on the internet and come to realise that its just the game.

DayZ will be running as smooth as you like but then the stuttering starts, it'll go away eventually or maybe if i got into the settings and change something or tab out to desktop and back again, it kinda fixes it for a short length of time.. but it always comes back.

Just one thing to point out here, and that is the only two things that have been constant in my PC are Windows 7 or 10 and an AMD GPU, and i've tried all those Win 10 stutter fixes, i think i've spent more hours trying to fix this than actually playing it..

The stuttering started all the way back to somewhere between 0.60 and 0.61 when i had an AMD HD7950, it ran decent on that card with my i7 2700K but at some point it all went to s***. Had an i7 6700K at 4.6Ghz after that too, so i upgraded the 7950 to an RX 480, bought an M.2 Nvme SSD, installed DayZ on my Samsung SSD and the Nvme drive but still the same old stuttering appeared.

So i upgrade even more going to an AMD 2700X with the RX 480 in there, still the same. Then last year i upgrade again to an AMD Vega 56, still same outcome.

I'll post my current specs which play any other game without issues, including GTA V on all Very High settings, i play Arma 3 BR without stuttering problems, its just DayZ.

CPU - AMD Ryzen 2700X
COOLER - Corsair H100X AIO
MOBO - MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC X470
GPU - PowerColor Red Dragon RX Vega 56
RAM - 16GB Dark Pro 8-Pack Edition DDR4 3200Mhz
SSD - Samsung M.2 960 NVMe | Samsung 850 EVO
CASE - Corsair 400C
OS - Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)
MOUSE / MAT - Logitech G502 | Steelseries 4HD
MONITOR - AOC G2778VQ 27" FreeSync
HEADSET - HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Pro

I'd say thats a decent setup that should have no issues playing any game on at least Medium settings, but DayZ will stutter whatever the settings i use, even the lowest i can put them at, its just pathetic really.

I'll just post this video i recorded where it shows how smooth it can be.. to a juddery stutter and then it'll suddenly run smooth again.

Pleae devs, try and fix this for me, DayZ is my favourite game and i'm finding it hard to replace this game with something that is anywhere near close.

I was hoping that with the 1.0 release, the optimisations that were promised were gona fix it but it hasnt, i've been patient, waiting for the full release, but i'm just gutted that i get the same old stuttering nearly three years on. Its just unplayable for me.

For anyone that made it this far down, thanks for reading.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Professional (1809)

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Hello MyBraiNs and thank you for the report.
If you adjust your mouse polling rate, does that have any efect on the issue you are experiencing?

Hi there, i have tried all polling options which are 125, 250, 500 and 1000. Even tried a different mouse last night. I have uninstalled Logitech software in the past but still have the stuttering.

At my wits end at this point.

Serious question, are the DayZ Devs actually working with the AMD Driver team with this game? I never see anything in the AMD Driver release notes about DayZ, performance improvements etc,. Starting to wonder if this is an Nvidia Gameworks title :-/

Am i not getting any help from here then? Need more info? Im not sure what other info you need to be quite honest. Like i said, i have no problems with any other game i install except for this one, i really dont know what else to say apart from this game s literally dead for me.. its unplayable!

Geez added a comment.Mar 5 2019, 1:11 PM

Hello MyBraiNs.
Are you using any specific launch parameters with the game? Have you been tweaking your .cfg file that is located in the documents? (and do you experience the issue even with freshly created cfg file?). Have you tried running the game with all programs running on your computer turned off?


My game was doing random stutter too.
Found out it was a process from my Google Chrome that took up a lot of CPU usage that randomly came and disappeared again. Maybe it's something like it.

Hi again @Geez , no launch parameters are being used, done a complete deletion of cfg files etc in documents. Also have disabled so much stuff while running DayZ and i still have the juddery stutter. I have been uninstalling programs and running DayZ again with no success of fixing the stutter. I even uninstalled all Microsoft DirectX/Visual C++ Redistributables and reinstalled them, this didnt fix it either though to my surprise, Arma 3 runs a hell of a lot better now.

@rosenlund I have totally uninstalled chrome in the past which didnt fix it either.

Fresh installs of Windows 10 doesnt fix it.

Totally lost here as i dont get stuttering in any other game.

Would be nice if the 'Controller' options were like how they are in Arma 3 where we can totally disable them. I use an Xbox wireless controller for racing games, i see controller options in DayZ settings but no option to disable them like in Arma 3. Would be nice to have that disable option in there if only to rule out any conflicts of keybind settings while controllers are plugged in. I see that when i disable all joystick keybinds, after hitting apply and then going back into the keybind settings, they are all there again, this really shouldnt happen tbh.

Still stutters randomly.. latest BIOS, latest drivers, same old story.

It isnt a server thing either, had same issues with DayZ Offline Mode, talking of Offline Mode, what happened to that?

@Geez So i have noticed something when i get this stuttering, when it happens, 99% of the time if i tab into my inventory and come back out of it the stuttering stops until the next time, then its a case of rinse/repeat during gameplay.. any ideas?

The issue seen in the video still hasnt gone away.. are you guys working with AMD with this game? I never see anything about DayZ in the AMD driver changelogs, do you even have an AMD system you test DayZ on?

Really annoyed that nobody seems to be interested in this issue i am having, help is next to zero.

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Geez added a comment.Tue, May 7, 2:26 PM

The issue seen in the video still hasnt gone away.. are you guys working with AMD with this game? I never see anything about DayZ in the AMD driver changelogs, do you even have an AMD system you test DayZ on?

Really annoyed that nobody seems to be interested in this issue i am having, help is next to zero.

Hello MyBraiNs.
We do have a few AMD setups, however, we are not experiencing the issue you are describing. However, the investigation of the issue is still going on.

Hi @Geez thanks for the reply.. i feel like it is something to do with the UI, whenever the stuttering/juddering happens, 99% of the time if i tab into my inventory and back out again it'll run smooth as hell until the next times it occurs.

Really weird that i get this especially as im getting well over 100fps and even over 200fps in places if i dont use Vsync or lock my fps to monitors refresh rate.

Hope you guys can figure this out, i have tried so many different things to try and fix it myself. This includes uninstalling programs i dont need, even mouse software etc, have also tried that Intelligent standby list cleaner, but this makes no difference.

I'll try and make another video with tabbing in and out of the inventory, though the same fix can be just going into any of the settings too, so hitting Esc and going into settings can be a temporary fix even if im not changing any settings.