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Black screen after alt-tabbing out and back into Arma 3 - "UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI"
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Occasionally when I alt-tab out of the game and back into it I get a black screen. When I kill the game with task manager I get the following error in the RPT file "UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI".


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Pro - Version 1809 October update

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Drift_91 created this task.Dec 8 2018, 9:43 PM
Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Dec 10 2018, 3:14 PM


Thank you for the report. Drift did you already try the possible solutions here?

I'm getting the same.

@Wulf It's still occurring, it seems. I've updated my graphics driver and I don't use the steam overlay.

I doubt I'm having temperature issues as I would likely experience problems in other games. Plus it's the middle of winter here. I can test with Furmark and Prime95 running at the same time if you need me to.

Log doesn't seem to have the same error this time and there's no memory dump. But it did the exact same thing with a black screen after alt-tabbing.

Wulf added a comment.Mon, Jan 14, 10:53 AM

Drift_91 just a confirmation are you using windowed or fullscreen? Trying it and can't seem to trigger it, without a repro it's really hard to pinpoint what the issue might be. The eternal curse of random issues.

BlackShot added a comment.EditedWed, Jan 16, 6:20 AM

@Wulf I was using fullscreen and it was causing my game to crash. After changing it to windowed, no more issues.