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Gun stuck in hands pointing at the sky glitch
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It's possible for a gun to get stuck in your hands pointed upward to the sky, resulting in it being unusable until you log out.


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Windows 10 x64
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Here is a video outlining the steps taken to cause this:

Additional Information

I have been unable to reliably reproduce this for a recording, but here is a capture someone else recently uploaded:

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Hello sethxdeath and thank you for the report.
Would it be possible for you to record a video of the issue for us?

I have been unable to reproduce, but someone on Reddit uploaded a capture of it happening to them:

I still can't reliably reproduce this, but when it does happen I have found that repeatedly double-clicking the item will eventually allow me to drop it or swap it for another item. I hope this helps.

This happened again on latest experimental. I was carrying a car tent when a player began running at me. I rapidly pressed 'G' to drop the tent, hotkey to equip rifle, right-click to aim, middle-click to zoom. The gun was stuck pointing at the sky. I couldn't shoot, aim, unequip, or equip anything else until I found a safe place to exit and re-enter the game.

fundogthrillionaire added a comment.EditedDec 13 2018, 5:45 PM

A user on Reddit uploaded a capture of a similar issue. I believe it's the same glitch, but I could be mistaken.

Still happening. I was laying prone, used a hotkey to equip my gun, moved to crouching, right-clicked to raise gun, middle-clicked to aim down sights and then the gun is stuck pointing in the air. Only was to fix was to run and log out.

Happened again and this time it came with the surprise of deleting contents of my inventory. I had my KM-A in my hand and just killed a player. It made a lot of noise and zombies started spawning. I went into a house, locked the door, and dropped my protective case on the ground to retrieve my rags. I bandaged, put the rags back, reloaded my KM-A, and took the protective case back to my inventory. I unlocked the door, opened it, ran out, and wielded my pistol with a suppressor then aimed at the closest zombie. Immediately, the gun was stuck in my hands pointing at the sky. I tried switching to my KA-M, but that didn't work. I ran back into the house and closed the door, then proceeded to logout while waiting the full fifteen seconds since this is the only reliable way to fix this glitch. From the character menu, I clicked "Play" and was put back into the game only to find my rifle and protective case were deleted. I searched all over, they weren't on the ground.

This problem with items being deleted from my inventory really makes me want to stop playing altogether. To get that rifle, I walked from Cherno to the farthest military camp on the southwest side of the map. I then sneaked all the way to Berezino without incident. The first time I had to use it, it gets deleted.

No evidence !

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Thank you for the update fundogthrillionaire.
We have found the cause of the issue and it is already scheduled for a fix.

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Hey. I am the person who is on this video. I wanted to tell what I was doing and how this happened with the weapon.
When I played with a weapon, I immediately pressed a large number of buttons at the same time, additionally pressing SHIFT, ALT, CTRL.
When I took the CR-75 into my hands before the bug, I burned SHIFT and S (moved back). It seemed to me that the game did not have time to process my actions and executed the commands at the same time. Although I understand that this is extremely unlikely.

P.s. Today I found another 1 bug. In total at the moment I have 3 bugs in the collection of DayZ bugs that I found.
Here is the link:
There I add everything unusual that I find in the game.

Thank you, fundogthrillionaire, Geez!

This post contains a video of the problem:

Here is a direct link to the video:

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@Geez This is still happening.

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Nov 21 2020, 1:48 AM

How was it possible to return the error that was fixed before, it was about a year ago or more?

I don't know. It happened today on the PS4. I have a video of it I need to extract and upload.

Jacob_Mango added a subscriber: Jacob_Mango.EditedNov 21 2020, 11:24 AM

How was it possible to return the error that was fixed before, it was about a year ago or more?

It was never fixed, I've been getting it once a month minimum for the past year. This issue isn't marked as resolved

Geez closed this task as Resolved.Nov 28 2022, 11:14 AM

Hello everyone.
This problem has been resolved for the 1.20 update.