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HECSO and Generators despawning
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Have my own private locked server to test building and 3 filled HESCO and a generator despawned.


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Windows 7

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Beav created this task.Nov 19 2018, 10:04 AM
Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Nov 21 2018, 1:17 PM
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Hello Beav and thank you for the report.
When did the generator and barriers despawn? Has the issue occurred upon server restart or server crash? Or has the issue occurred upon leaving the barrier/generator vicinity?

Beav added a comment.Nov 22 2018, 8:25 PM

Hi Geez

Server was left running overnight. No crash or restarts.

No one else joined the server. Next morning HESCO and generator gone. Seemed like normal item cleanup and items not flagged as persistent?

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Assigned.Nov 23 2018, 12:18 PM
Geez added a comment.Nov 23 2018, 12:53 PM

Thank you for the update Beav.
Can you please let us know in case you experience the issue on the latest stable version as well?

This is still happening in the latest experimental build. No server restarts, just moving out of range. Other loot on the ground like a pair of pants stayed, only the Hesco despawned. It was filled with dirt. I had 3 Hesco down, first one despawned then I went 1km away and came back and a second Hesco despawned. I don't think the despawn was in the order they were placed, but not 100% sure as one of the two, I'd dug up and moved.

Geez changed the task status from Assigned to Need More Info.Dec 17 2018, 11:01 AM

Hello everyone.
Are you still experiencing this issue on the 1.0 version?

Beav added a comment.Dec 17 2018, 11:23 AM

Seems to be ok for now. Will report back if they vanish

Hello everyone.
Are you still experiencing this issue on the 1.0 version?

five_seven_clown added a comment.EditedDec 17 2018, 3:09 PM

Have not got multiple Hescos set up in 1.0 yet. Going to call on the power of Reddit for some feedback.


On my private server - Current stable build - I didn't test this exact scenario but I can place a single barrier, empty or filled, and doing both a hard close or a #shutdown, upon server restart they will always be gone. Same goes for generators and lights. Tents, barrels, and vehicles seem bulletproof as far as persistence on my end goes.

This is definitely happening with regularity. I have placed multiple wire mesh barriers and filled them with dirt, left for five or ten minutes and returned to find they had vanished.

I retested this and I could not reproduce, however it was near the coast so it's possible other players were around and preventing the single barrier I placed from despawning. I will retest everytime I find a barrier and shovel, I really want to test with several barriers at the some time.

Tested again on latest experimental, could not reproduce, Had 5 filled barriers down and traveled 2.4km away. When I came back they were still there.

I can confirm parts of this claim; I also have a private server to test out things without being sniped and 1.04 still has persistance issues with either generators, lights, cable reels or generators connected to lights by cables. Gennys, cables and lights all seem stable for a period of time even with recurring server restarts, no problems. But after a period of about five or so days, these things disappeared in my base. I checked in on the steam forum and someone said that there seems to be an issue with the construction lights in particular, that they are not persistant at the moment and if you have them connected to generators, they too will eventually despawn with the lights as well.

Can confirm this is still an issue in 1.04 ive lost 3 generators during time offline(overnight) on a private server in my locked down base. Hesco barriers have also disappeared as well as barbed wire despawning and barbed wire kill radious expanding or not moving when removed or (if barbed wire is on a gate) the gate is opened. Died multiple times to this barbed wire glitch. Persistence for multiple items is broken.

@Greez. Please close this Dublicate: T143932

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket because it's obsolete?