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[Stable] "PlayerViewChanged" MissionEventHandler broken in MP
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This MEH could be extremely powerful as it is as far as I know the only thing that detects connecting to drones and is therefore an alternative but stronger "GetInMan" EH.

Sadly it does not trigger when the fourth parameter (newCameraOn) is not local to your PC when it is supposed to trigger. When you switch into objects that are already local, the "PlayerViewChanged" MEH works as expected.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Connect to a mission hosted on a different machine.
  • Make server spawn a vehicle, so that it is local to server.
  • Execute "addMissionEventHandler ["PlayerViewChanged",{hint str _this;}];" on client.
  • Enter any seat in the vehicle, we expect a hint showing the params of the EH but we see nothing.
  • If we entered the driver seat, the vehicle is now local to our PC.
  • Exit the vehicle, we now get a hint showing that we switched to the player object.
  • Enter the vehicle again. If it is local to our PC now because we entered the driver seat at first, we get a hint. If we entered any other seat the vehicle is still local to the server, and we do not get a hint when the view is switched.

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