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The optical sight is jammed at maximum resolution.
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The optical sight is jammed at maximum resolution. Occurs with some optical sights on turrets and cars, where there is a smooth zoom.
This happens when the 3D view is turned on + the "temporary zoom" key is clamped and the "optics" key is pressed.
After the optical sight is stuck at maximum magnification, it is impossible to return the functionality of changing the multiplicity on the optical sight, in the equipment where it happened.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Arma3 1.74\Arma3DEV 1.76
Steps To Reproduce
  • editor
  • create a hunter (strider) with a machine gun (grenade launcher), or any stationary turret ....
  • sit in the place of the arrow
  • turn on the view from the third person
  • press and hold the key - "temporary increase"
  • press the key - "optical sight"
  • try changing the magnification of the optical sight (+ \ -)

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Related to assigned T64247.

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Related to assigned T64247.

Thanks, I could not find it.

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