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setUnitLoadout command broken
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Created faction in ALiVE ORBAT Creator does not show with weapon magazines in inventory when AI are killed. AI faction members only have 1 visible magazine; unsure if they shoot more than one magazine before being killed by players. When testing from Eden the AI show they have all magazines available as they are supposed to from when the faction is built.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
latest version of Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Load simple multiplayer mission with faction and required faction files then spawn in AI and kill to check their inventory.

Additional Information

ALiVE not needed to use faction; This started in 1.68RC from what I noticed in testing a mission I am building. My faction is linked for testing.

Similar to this issue linked here:

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To add more detail to this, items and magazines seem to be added locally on whichever client/server executed the setUnitLoadout command - just as shown in the ticket linked above.

Original ticket repro should work fine for this as well - though the issue seems more linked to items and magazines and not the uniform/vest themselves.

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thank you for the feedback.

Could you by any chance, upload a simple repro mission that would not require an ALiVE mod?

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I can it will be a while before I can put one up here for you guys to check.

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Repro Mission

  1. Have two players, one loaded into slot unit1, and another loaded into slot unit2
  1. Load into mission
  1. Player loaded into unit1 slot must use the "Execute Test" action from their action menu
  1. Player 2 will see a hint indicating whether or not unit1's loadout is properly synced across the network


  • Original loadout is stored
  • Loadout is reset using setUnitLoadout
  • Original loadout is sent to the second client
  • Original loadout var is compared to (getUnitLoadout unit2), if they are the same, inventories are properly synced
reschke added a comment.EditedMar 22 2017, 3:07 AM

Disregard this comment. It is not relevant to the issue that is happening with setunitloadout.

Also just noticed today that vehicles created only have a driver and gunner when created but do not have the remaining members of the team in when they spawn in on the multiplayer dedicated server.

That is related to ALiVE\ORBAT Creator, so leave that information on our forums (it sounds like intended behavior though).

@razazel any headway on this issue; Just checking in and I know you guys are slammed to the hilt with some things that were broken.

@razazel Has anything been done in regards to finding and fixing this issue?


@reschke Hello, sorry for the late reply.

I have checked the repro mission provided by @SpyderBlack723 's but am unable to reproduce the issue :( hint showing up for the second player shows his loadout is same as for the first unit

Would it help if I submitted a video of a couple of missions with this showing so you can see what I and others are seeing in missions we are running?

Could you please try the repro provided by @SpyderBlack723 and tell me if its valid for you? If it is, there is perhaps only something I missed.

Will do after I get off work later today.

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