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Can't Place Addon Compositions in Zeus since 1.68
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Prior to 1.68 any custom compositions (via an addon) could be placed in Zeus.

Now only the vanilla compositions can be placed, the addon compositions display correctly in the Zeus menu but clicking in-game does not spawn in the collection of objects.

No error or message appears in the report log.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Zeus - Modding
Steps To Reproduce

Download Composition Test addon:


  1. Find the composition in Eden (Empty > Testing > Testing Composition), select it.
  2. Click to place down the composition in-game and a Truck Wreck will appear.


  1. Find the composition in Eden (Empty > Testing > Testing Composition), select it.
  2. Click to place down the composition in-game, nothing will appear.
Additional Information

Apologies if this has already been logged; there doesn't seem to be any way to sort searched issues by date and 'Zeus' is a generic search term.

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Bug happens on 32bit/64bit launcher, with or without mods and every zeus missions, vanillia and user created.
OS: Win 7 x64

2600K added a comment.Mar 19 2017, 1:23 PM

Solution is to now include the attribute "side = 8;" in each composition class.

the problem is that now you have to define the side also in the specific group, while its already defined in the upper level

class CfgGroups
    class West
        side = 1;

but now you need also

    class Indep
//        side = 2;
        class IND_F
            class Infantry
                class HAF_InfSquad
                    side = 2;

aka this broke group use for ZEUS in all community mods with cfgGroups definitions (outside A3 vanilla groups itself)

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195jd added a subscriber: 195jd.Apr 11 2017, 6:06 AM

I'm sorry can someone go into more depth on how to fix this issue?

ookexoo added a subscriber: ookexoo.EditedApr 29 2017, 3:09 AM

A concrete examples may help. You can use the Ares/Achilles source code as a template.

Essentially the attribute "side = 8" you see in compositions.hpp is the new requirement.

Medium - Op Tower.hpp