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Flight Rader Bugged
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Incoming Missile Alert is broken. After you get locked by another tank, helicopter or Jet it gives a single short beep when the mission is fired from the enemy vehicle. After thats its completely silent until the missile impacts. Their was a couple of scenarios where it worked as before but I dont know how to reproduce that. It seemed long range AA fired from A Buzzard gave proper incoming missile warning but All 3 long range aa missiles missed even though enemy pilot had solid lock and I was in a autohovering posistion and didnt even fire flares. When the enemy pilot switched to close range AA and fired I got a single beep before impact.
This is heavily effecting game modes like KOTH where radar use is essential.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Step 1: Spawn A kajmin and a Blackfoot.
Step 2. Fly up and away
Step 3: At approx 3km have the blackfoot lock the Kajmin and Fire
Step 4: Watch the radar. You will hear a single beep.

Like described above this almost always happen except for a few exceptions. Why it worked normally in those instances im not sure about.

Additional Information

Tested in Sandbox mission.

I have video of all testing and can be uploaded on request though im choosing not to since the bug is so easy to reproduce.

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would you mind posting the video?


Or, if possible, please try to provide some repro steps or better yet a repro mission that would demonstrate the issue, we are having some hard time trying to reproduce this.

Hey. My shadowplay didnt record in game audio so im recreating different scenarios right now.

RoidRage added a comment.EditedDec 5 2016, 8:10 PM

Please read descriptions of each video. As you can see the radar is all over the place. Mostly not working but then working with certain combinations.

Note regarding test 6. Kajmin vs MANPAD. I state that everything is working but Im being told by my users that Titan AA fired from Ground towards Jets isnt working properly.

This has been tested on multiple missions including Sa-matra Wasteland, Sa-matra Koth, and a simple Sandbox mission.

The test videoes are from the following mission:

RoidRage added a comment.EditedDec 5 2016, 8:13 PM

Im not sure how to provide a better repro but the basics is just flying around with different helicopters or jets and then having someone lock on to you with AA and fire MANPADS, Jets, Helicopters or ground vehicles.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

Videos from the community displaying the issue. Will add more as I get them. <----- This shows very clearly AA not being tracked properly fired from ManPad

Please make the Incoming Missile event handler pass the projectile (missile) as a parameter!

@MDCCLXXVI Please make a separate ticket for this tweak request so we can track it and its progress separatly, this ticket should serve only as a ticket for the bugged AA missile issue, thanks :)

@MDCCLXXVI Please make a separate ticket for this tweak request so we can track it and its progress separatly, this ticket should serve only as a ticket for the bugged AA missile issue, thanks :)

Done! thank you :)

@RoidRage Thanks for the videos, we might be onto something now :)

Not sure if more videos are gonna help at this point but a community member came forward with this so might aswell post it:

Copy paste below.

@RoidRage Here's the promised stream recording: The bugged missile warnings happen at 18:45, 33:05, 43:35, 01:35:30 and 01:40:30.

@RoidRage No need for more videos, the ones you have posted were enough, thanks for the help :)

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Should be fixed in new hotfix, can you confirm?

No access to Arma currently but I have posted a announcement in the koth and wasteland community. I will have a concrete answer for you soon.

rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.EditedDec 10 2016, 3:31 AM

This bug is still not fixed.

Still the same scenario as prior to the hot fix patch 1.66; AA missile alert within A-164 would announce an initial AA/AAA launch with one or two tones, then silence until impacted with the AA/AAA missile.

Please make sure you have the latest version of the game installed and don't forget to verify the integrity of the game cache after the update.

If the issue is still present, please try to provide some more info about the issue, the first issue was hard to pinpoint as it seemed pretty random, if the issue is still there, it might be something, that is even more random which is hard to reproduce, so any closer info about the situation when this does happen will help us greatly.


rogerx added a comment.EditedDec 12 2016, 6:42 PM

I'll verify integrity, as a last resort as I've never had a problem in the past except during initial alpha/beta releases.

I'll also provide the name of the multiplayer server. Could be some scripts are also interfering or using an old dysfunctional method. (The multi-player server is a Tanoa map co-op server. Pretty much the only popular Tanoa co-op map around this region, and will provide the exact name later.)

On the flip, this server's map PBO scenario file is locked to prevent extracting. They're using something called mikero PboDll, after examining the pbo header using hexedit. I, myself, despise encryption/scrambling due to deterred debugging and help from the community. (Pretty stupid idea, unless all a person wants is money in life.)

If nobody else provides any further information or duplicate bugs (or you're not seeing this problem with the Blackfish), then I'll have to assume it's related to the MAP PBO scenario file.


Did some quick testing and got feedback from the community. Everything seems good with those who are running the hot fix. *ThumbsUp*

Morela added a subscriber: Morela.Dec 13 2016, 1:05 PM

I confirm this problem was not fixed, I play on Invad & annex.

Sorry for my bad english...

Is the server updated and you running the hotfix as well? Were you able to observe the same issue in any other scenario/gamemode?

I didn't think of double checking to see if the server is running with the updated patch.

I always thought ARMA 3 servers and ARMA 3 clients were required to run the exact same version, including having all additional vanilla patches. (The only exception being 3rd party modifications.)

So it is possible clients can be patched with the fix and connected with servers not implementing the patch?

Profiling branches usually work this way as well so it crossed my mind.

Morela added a comment.Jan 6 2017, 9:17 PM

@razazel the server have last update and me too don't have try on other server. Today the problem was not fixed.

you have a solution ?

Sorry for my bad english...

What game mode/ mission did this happen in?
What's your current game version?

We play on Invad & Annex 2.85 C with some mods like ACE, Task Force Radio, RF Logistic, ...

My game version: 1.66.139586

Server version: 1.66.139494

I'm not the only guy with this problem.

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