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AA missle warning working as intended?
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"Fixed: A missing sound for incoming missiles in an aircraft"
Since patch 1.66 there is actually almost no warning from missiles, all I could find in the patchnotes was this, which is basically the opposite, because it feels like now there is a bunch of stuff missing.
There is just a short "beep" sound when a missile is fired at you, no real indication from how far it was fired (you don't hear a constant "beeping" or see it on the radar like it used to be).
It happens in jets and helicopters (tested it in a Kajman and Buzzard).

Was this heavy nerf intended?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Be in an aircraft (Buzzard/Kajman).
Have AA missiles shot at you from a Tigris, Cheetah etc.

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Storm117 created this task.Dec 2 2016, 2:20 AM
Matosh added a subscriber: Matosh.Dec 2 2016, 11:55 PM

I can confirm this.

For me it was mostly like that, missile warning system kicks in for a second then it stops. At first I thought that the missile hit the obstacle but after few seconds I get hit. After few times of missile warning system failures and being hit I understood that this was a bug, because a day before the update (1.66) it was fine.

I was flying in A-164 Wipeout.

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@Storm117 @Matosh
Do you have any closer repro for this?

So far it seems this mostly happens in PvP situations in MP, can you confirm?

Matosh added a comment.Dec 6 2016, 2:08 PM

@Storm117 @Matosh
Do you have any closer repro for this?

So far it seems this mostly happens in PvP situations in MP, can you confirm?

I was simply flying, entered anti-air threat area, only for a second I receive on the radar indications about the incoming missile (visual and audio), after that second I thought the missile hit something else (hence the second short warning), few seconds later I get hit without any indication or warning. Anti-air threats: ZSU-39 Tigris in a convoy patrol, and MANPADs from the OPFOR controlled town/sector.

Was playing on a MP COOP mission called co40 Domination! Blufor [3.62].

From what my test have shown AA tanks are 100% of the time bugged. Manpads are sometimes working correctly, but not all the time. I tested this now in every vanilla jet - it is always the same.
I play PvP.

Also your mention: I talked to Roid about it and his videos basically show the bug very well.

Thanks for the heads up, I just wanted to confirm that we are on the right trail (that is that it is linked only to MP) not to miss anything. :)

In the Editor they work normally, tested in Wipeout vs Tigris.

Update fixed it for me.

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