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Character Inventory and Position Status only save to hive when logging out manually.
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Every time the server resets, It resets the player at their last "stable" logout position. Server disconnects will result in player being sent back to the last position that they successfully logged-out manually by exiting the game through the menu.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Win 10 Pro
Steps To Reproduce

Login, and move the character a fair distance, collecting items along the way. Wait for a server disconnect. Log back into server once available. Observe character back in the initial spawn position of the last play session, and that any items taken are now gone. Move the character along the same path taken before, and notice that items taken before are no longer in place, while familiar items left behind remain as they were. Collect new items and continue to move player a fair distance. Memorize inventory, and then log out by hitting escape, and selecting "EXIT." Log back in and notice player in same position as when manually logging out previously. Continue to make progress until server disconnect event occurs. Log back in, and notice that player character and position were again reset, but this time to the position where the last manual logout took place.

Repeat steps as needed to confirm. I have made seven such voluntary logouts to save my position and inventory progress, and experienced maybe twelve server disconnects over six hours of play today.

Additional Information

Some Item duplication also occurs as a result of this bug, but it seems tied to manually logging out as soon as server disconnect becomes apparent.
Items taken by player that are lost to a disconnect, seem to remain taken from their original spawn locations, and have essentially vanished.

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Hello emuthreat and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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Hello emuthreat.
The issue has been fixed and should no longer occur on the current experimental version. Please let us know in case the issue persists still.