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RPG-7 zeroing
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Apex RPG-7 does not allow zeroing change, even though the 3d model represents a sight with such capability. It also doesn't show what distance it's zeroed at (and is possibly the only gun ingame that does it). One could think it's zeroed at 350 meters, a distance that model's sights is zeroed at, but no, it's zeroed at 200.


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BI pls
Y u do dis

(Seriously though, fix this already, no one cares whether the aspect ratio option is there or not).

SuicideKing added a comment.EditedDec 3 2016, 3:08 PM

Zeroing's probably changed since 1.66, as indicated by changelog BUT NO ONE KNOWS TO WHAT.

Tweaked: The flight pattern characteristics of the RPG-7 munitions were improved to better correspond with their real life counterparts

BI pls fix

SuicideKing added a comment.EditedDec 4 2016, 1:22 PM

As is demonstrated in the image, it's pure guess work as to what will hit and miss. Rocket seems to fly almost straight till 1650m but irl RPG7 grenades detonate at 950m as indicated here. Just a minute before that he also mentions in that video that the iron sights are adjustable.

Another good reference on the RPG7 is this unclassified US Army training manual from 1976:

This issue was also raised in the Apex weapons feedback thread but ignored:

The new RPG launcher looks great, but how are you suppose to range it? It would be great if you could make it range-able (ironsight adjustable for different ranges) as this would make using it less dependent on guess-work/experience.

RPG trajectory a bit flat over distance

RPG has no zeroing (and/or scopes), rocket flies in a weird way and with very generic sound without any smoke trail from propeller

RPG-7: Must have zeroing well as either a visible fixed zero distance if the RPG7 is to remain un-zeroable, or adjustable zeroing.

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Effective firing range 200 m
Maximum firing range ≈920 m (1,000 yd) (self detonates)
The aim level has a window and a scale with the divisions designated by figures 2, 3, 4, 5.
Figures of a scale designate range of fire in hundreds of meters (200, 300, 400, 500 m).

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some adjustments were made, could you please check it out in the Dev Branch?


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@razazel Thank you, everything works great.

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