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Binarize.exe crashes when using Addon Builder
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Whenever I try to pack a certain folder with binarization enabled it throws the following error.

Build failed. Result code=-1073741819
Binarize task failed.

These are in the directory for Binarize.exe

Also, when I use CfgConvert to change the config.cpp to a .bin and disable binarization in Addon Builder I get the following error instead:

Build failed. Result code=1
CfgConvert task failed.

I seriously doubt it's caused by a flaw in the config.cpp as it runs fine in-game when packed without binarization. Although I can't be completely sure as I'm modifying someone else's old mod for my own personal use and I didn't write most of the code. When packing a small config.cpp I wrote myself binarization works fine.


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Windows 7
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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64

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Drift_91 created this task.Sep 8 2016, 4:26 AM
tom_48_97 added a subscriber: tom_48_97.EditedSep 8 2016, 2:53 PM

Hello, can you share the parameters you're using in Addon Builder?

Hello, can you share the parameters you're using in Addon Builder?

Do you mean the checkboxes on the main window? I tried enabling and disabling all of them except the "clear temp folder" one, which was enabled. Changing the "sign output PBO file" one seemed to make no difference. "Binarize all textures" didn't seem to change anything either. As described in my original post, turning the "Binarize" option on and off gave a different error for each state.

I should mention that I also tested by unpacking the original PBO made by someone else, immediately repacked it with Addon Builder without making any modifications and got the same errors. If you need the PBO, several (if not all) of the PBOs in this mod cause the problem when repacking after being unpacked:

I apologize if it's a flaw in the mod and not addon builder. The whole reason I'm having to modify the mod is because of mistakes made by the original developer.

Drift_91 added a comment.EditedFeb 9 2017, 10:12 AM

Having the problem yet again, this time with a different mod. Building the mod without binarization works fine. I don't see why this still isn't fixed.

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This also shows up along with the "Binarize task failed." error mentioned in the original post:

I've edited the title of this thread to better describe the issue.

razazel assigned this task to tom_48_97.Feb 10 2017, 9:32 AM

Any progress made on this?

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