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Dev Branch (APEX) Wouldn't Launch (DLL Not found)
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The Dev Branch wil not start right after start of the ARMA3 Launcher. (Note, the 'normal' version has no problems!)

2x times the same error pop up window:
ARMA3.exe - Sytem Error
Exception Processing Message 0xc0000135 Paramaeters 0x7ffa9c6daa8
0x7ffa9c6daa8 0x7ffa9c6daa8

Then the general Crash report, with the exit code: Exit Code: 0xC0000135 - STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND
Files of crash report:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Start ARMA3 Launcher, start without Mods -> Crash.

Additional Information

Happens only with Dev since today.

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thank you for the crahsdumps. Unfortunately I am unable to download the file as the website of this sharing service was flag to often contain potentially dangerous files.

Would you mind uploading it to a different service (e.g. Dropbox)?

Thank you

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that one works well, thank you :)

that one I didn't do... would not be logic because the 'Normal' version doesn't have any problems.

Update of ARMA (DEV) and I did the check file verification, but that didn't resolved the problem

While it might not help, it is most definitely worth a shot. There is a difference between stable and development version and it is possible that one corrupted file might be causing this trouble.

I did try it..

But good news, The Sneak Preview version is working fine! (1.62.136802)

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could you please check out this ticket and try what BIS Wizard suggested and upload the .dwi file here?

sure, but notice, Apex Sneak Preview is working fine.
It is just de DEV that didn't work.

I will switch back to DEV Branch, then check if the error is still there.

Duplicate of T117480. Ticket can be closed.

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