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wooden stick automatically replaces melee weapon from its "main" slot
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when cutting of a branch with a tool (machete/axe/hatchet) the resulting wooden stick is sometimes automatically placed in the main melee slot, replacing the (most likely) tool you were cutting the branch off with.

This is a main reason why people lose these tools are left with a stick sitting in their inventory


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Steps To Reproduce

-use tool to cut off branch
-cut off branch
-hold tool in hands while stick sits in "main" slot in inventory
-when selecting a different object via hotbar AND/OR too little space left in inventory tool is dropped, most likely for good

Additional Information

expected behavior:
a) split hands into two separate slots (left/right)
b) place tool back into inventory and put stick into hands
c) keep tool in hands, put stick on the floor (which seems to be case by default as far as i know)


related to #29585

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Can confirm, this happened to me yesterday.

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(caps on purpose.)

Definite upvote. Don't "auto mount" a fricken stick in place of a fire axe.


i think a proper "something dropped on the ground" sound would also help a bit.

It caused my friends, new to the game, to rage or go "where the f is my axe?"many times lol

maybe it happens because you have your melee weapon in your hands and are using it to chop down a tree? just pay attention...

@therealclown what do you mean with "just pay attention"? this is bad design and not about paying attention. it's simply flawed by design and should be fixed. it's just annoying and most people don't even realize why it happens to them.

yeah I wish if you pull an item from your inv the game will hold those slots for you.
Lost a few glocks because I've pulled it from my bag, reloaded but the empty mag goes into the 4x4 slot the gun was pulled from instead of swapping the mag into the slot the full one was pulled from...
Go to switch weapons or use an item or something and you end up dropping the pistol and losing it.

Be cool if there was some sort of a placeholder system in the inventory to avoid this.

@joe_mcentire I understand how this might frustrate some people. I get that. But its the same as being surprised that when you chop wood the wood automatically goes into your inventory. If you dont want wood in your backpack dont chop wood, ya know? If you take your axe off your back and chop wood you will also produce stick in addition to the logs. One of those sticks will occupy your main melee slot while youre holding the axe that once occupied that slot but is currently in your hands. If you pay attention you can simply toss that stick on the ground before pushing X to remove the axe from your hands and it will go to your melee slot instead of the ground. Simple stuff, really. So what is flawed here? Sticks shouldn't occupy melee slots? You shouldn't automatically pick up any of the stuff when you chop wood? Wheres the flaw? Next thing you know people will be complaining because they have to pick up all the wood off the ground. The fact that you do damage to the axe when using it for its intended purposes (tree chopping) and not when you use it to wack somebody in the head is also pretty flawed. This is just nit picking imo. Lots of flaws. This one is a simple fix. Pay attention.

your username is adequate.