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We need some BASIC Server-Logs to find hackers !
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We absolutely need some kind of VERY BASIC server log files!

PLEASE add for 0.53 something BASIC like "X (SteamID) killed Y (SteamID);time=X;position=X,Y;

This way we could very easily find hackers and ban them directly!

PLEASE PLEASE add this for 0.53. There is not much to develop to realize this.


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Thank you admins and devs to implement some basic server logs.

One question.. is it possible for the next update to implement "player 1 damaged player 2"?

This would be extremely perfect.

How do you prevent unscrupulous server owners from revenge banning regular players using these logs? Recording position data seems like it could be abusable, too.

I don't know. But we need logs absolutely.

Good Server Owners, the administrator of big DayZ-Communities, won't ban without reason, this is for sure.

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How about a simple log of players able to submit reports.


HACKREPORT: (Player1) just reported (player2) for hacking. Details: "Ban this dude plz he r hacking kthxbye".

People will do anything they like, if they think they can get away with it. Don't give them the chance.

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Logs are absolutely necessary to run a server properly. The argument about Badmins using them for ill will, that can be said about anything.

Badmins will be Badmins and decent admins will be decent, you cannot put all admins in the same basket.

Kill logs at least, so we can use that along with video evidence to properly ban. Trying to get a pulse check on a teleporter is almost impossible.
From what I know we're getting kill logs this month or so I've heard.

Kill-logs this month?
Oh jesus.. I don't believe in you, but this time I think you've heard my prayers.

Report-buttons (@Paper26: How is an admin supposed to know if players can't report?)!
Accessibility of player Steam-Ids for admins!
A replay system for easy assessment of the situation for admins (this existed in Battlefield 2, for example)

I'm tired of this anonymity, what's the point to it???

And for crying out loud

A player who was in Elektro one second can not be in Bere the next.
Plausiblity check says: This guy is a hacker!

A player can not score 100% headshots with an AKM
Plausibility check says: This guy is a hacker!

A player can not be 300 feet up in the air!
Plausibility check says: This guy is a hacker!

An item can not be 3km far away and in your inventory the next second!
Plausibility check says: HACKER!!!

It's that simple!

THIS is needed badly, there are alot of hackers these days ofcourse this can be abused, but atleast its SOMETHING we can do agains them!

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Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree.
For the Badmins, they can also be reported on the dayz forum, and then their server is closed.

bad at least the number of hacker will go down very fast, and that is way better!

Your forgetting whom pays for the servers. Server logs are very important to help development of the game. So is Screenshot submissions of detected hacks viewable by the server admin and the company to help fight off hacks.

I completely agree, then let the player fight to have a vac ban taken off after they have been caught flying through the air, or autoaim bars displacing on the screen.

Reported in next patch, I was notified of having more log files to work from.

I would however wouldn't mind seeing XX kills XX in blue on the server message screen.

andy added a comment.Jan 21 2015, 3:09 PM

Hey everyone and thank you for your feedback.
We currently have something in the works, please be patient for a little longer.

XX killed XX.. PLEASE nothing like this. The console needsa to stay absolutely clear of global messages like this.
Also "You have been killed by XX".. ALso something like this would destroy the game.


the server log are good, good work and thanks!

But there is something bad..
"Unknown Identity killed by Player-X".

Could you please develope something to show the name of the killed player?

Because of there are many many playewrs using a stupid new method of duping items.

Also the positions of the 2 players would be too good in the logs.

Player A breaks the legs of player B. Player B is dying because of something (no more blood, starving and so on).

Now, you can not find in the logs that Player A killed Player B.

There is a new dupeing-glitch:

The problem is: if you kill yourself, there is nothing in the logs!

This game should be as much realistic as possible. So there should never be any messages saying "player X killed player Y", not for killed player, either for the killer or anyone else. Check pulse is also feature that should be removed. That is not real.